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    Thanx Thunder... They are talking about the PCI version though, not the AGP. Does this have any relevance?
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    no. There isn't a graphics card out there that was able to saturate the AGP bandwidth and the performance between the AGP and PCIE is negligible.

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    no there isn't any meaningful difference - 7600GT or x1950pro are your options

    try finding direct comparisons on this link
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    Timely thread, I've literally just got back from the shop with an XFX 7600GS to replace my ailing Radeon 9600TX.

    I'd had the order on since Thursday last to get a Leadtek one; the shop I was dealing with told me today they couldn't get hold of the Leadtek ones. They did seem a better price for a slightly higher spec.

    Not getting the screwdrivers out until Thursday though, but I'm not expecting miracles, with only 1G RAM and a P4 2.6Ghz. Just needed it as a repair.
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    A few months ago I got this http://www2.pny.com/7600-GS-512MB-AGP--P1897C14.aspx
    I had a Soyo Black Dragon Ultra MoBo and when I installed the card I had all sorts of problems, the card required a power supply so I wound up getting a new one (500watts)and I still had problems, turned out I needed a newer MoBo because the old one couldn't handle the Vid cards' capabilities and the only 32 bit Motherboard available was not as nice as my old one and wasn't as upgradable - Processor size range, amount of Ram etc.. but it was the only one so I got it and my card now works fine but I had to get almost a whole new system. If I had to do it over I would go 64bit, PCIe and not bought the same card probably as PCIe is better than AGP. I would recommend doing some research and checking out Newegg before you by that better AGP card because down the road you may find your rig is still not enough to run the next gen Flight sims and you'll kick yourself (like I'll be doing if I can't run SOW or KOTS)
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    22" bought.... 7600 GT bought...

    LOVE the monitor!!

    flying on 1680x1050

    compared to 6600 I gained 12 fps on this resolution... Black death on excellent average at 45.... instead of 33. maybe 10 FPS ain't much. but it felt a hell of a lot smoother... I think it was good invested money in the end...

    thanx all!!
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    ps... can't do much more testing this evening though.. when lifting down the old 19" crt that weighs half a ton, I strained my back..idiotic!!!
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    Well are you as happy as many of us told you, you would be? Like the rest of us you probably never want to play in a non widescreen resolution again. And sorry to hear about your back, as I been there many times man. Hope your feeling better.

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    Glad it turned out good for you ...enjoy the widescreen
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