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    Hello, I have a few questions about playing online. I decided to try my hand at online play to see what it was like and I have some mixed feelings about it. Well, I got shot down a few times, but I expected that to happen. Then someone kept calling me a vulching newb. I looked that up online and figured out what that means, but I read the rules and never attacked anyone while they were on the ground, taking off, or landing so that didn't make sense to me. Am I wrong in assuming you can enter any of the dogfight rooms on Hyperlobby? I thought that was the whole idea. Are people on Hyperlobby just sensitive? I don't want to piss anyone off, I just want to dogfight people and more than likely get shot out of the sky. By the way, there are some pilots here with a damn good shot. I can take down the cpu pilots when they are on the ace setting, but I don't seem to stand a chance against whoever kept shooting me down. Anyways, if anyone can point me in the right direction for online newbies like me that would be great, thanks.
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    Hello there, I would recomend joining a squad. See squadron forum for info. There are a lot of squads looking for members and i am sure that you will find one to suit you
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    Hello Airacobra,
    A guide for guys just like you has been written and may help you out with the ins and outs of online flying with Hyperlobby. It will help explain many of the mysteries of HL and hopefully make your opening weeks online a little less frustrating.

    Here is the link:

    Hope this helps you down some of those guys. Also, the AI controlled Aces do not compare to real life human pilots as you have found out. Anyone with more than a few weeks experience on HL will fly better than a computer controlled AI Ace.

    Take care,
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    Whistling Death, I tried to reply to you during the online game, I just don't know how to do that yet. I think I better check out that link you posted before I really piss someone off. Thanks for the help.
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    hi and welcome,

    online can be fraugth but a few things to keep in mind

    1) read the breif for the mission-

    this will tell you of any rules or restrictions

    for example correct markings , wether vultching is allowed etc

    2) communicate -

    either use the chat bar to type in or use teamspeak.

    you can get the chat bar by bringing up the map or assigning a key in controls to chat.

    type in a greetting when you join and ask which side to join and that youd like to wing up with someone, most folk are helpful and wish to encourage folk onto their servers

    teamspeak is a program that allows you to talk direct to other players via a microphone.

    3) visit the homepage of he servers for more details and get a feel of the crowd

    a good place to start is ukded servers , they have 3 servers with increasing difficulty

    their home page is here


    and il2 forum here


    hope this helps
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    Are you sure they were even talking to you when they said 'vulching newb'?

    Vulching is attacking planes on the runway, if you didnt do that then you definitely were not vulching.

    Make sure you make yo0ur chat box bigger, when its only one line you miss lots of messages.
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    Join a squad and play co-ops they are far more enjoyable to play than the usual rat run that is hyperlobbys dogfighting servers.

    If your not doing nothing wrong then no worries just ignore them as servers are full of people non-stop moaning when something they don't like happens. (yet strangely silent when they are doing the same thing).
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    Originally posted by Airacobra_Ace:
    Hello, I have a few questions about playing online.
    Airacobra, I would be happy to host an online mission with just you and me to answer your questions and show you some of the basics (as others have done for me in the past).

    Just PM me if you are interested in this and we will set it up.

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    Yambretta I hope that's not a sheep in you avatar. Us dogs have a thing about sheep
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