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    Nothing to add that hasn't ever been said before a million times so here it is in brief.

    Cough, cough (clears throat).

    Please give the option for servers to be able to disable the F6 key - it really can't be put any simpler than that.
    For one of the next patches or even the final (4.08) patch - it would solve so many problems.

    If there is some reason why this cannot be done - please at least tell us. It's a very old problem that has been put forth so many times before but with no joy as of yet.

    A final push for this simple (as far as I know) and important feature to be added.


    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW"> Fellow forum users - please do NOT turn this into a Wonder woman v Full Switch thread - it's not what it's about. A simple posted agreement or a friendly *BUMP when the thread gets down to far will do. </span>

    Thankyou in advance.
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    Never pushed F6, what does it do? (think I asked this once before, but I can't remember). Is it padlock or something?

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    absolutly, plus f7 & if it could be done shift&ctrl F2.......

    F2 your plane ext. view
    Shift+F2 next friendly plane ext. view
    Ctrl+F2 next enemy plane ext. view

    F3 flyby

    F4 padlock enemy in view
    Shift+F4 padlock friendly in view

    F5 padlock enemy ground target in view
    Shift+F5 padlock friendly ground target in view

    F6 closest enemy "external padlock", then cycles through in an external view each click
    Shift+F6 closest friendly "external padlock", then cycles through in an external view each click

    F7 closest enemy ground target "external padlock", then cycles through in an external view each click
    Shift+F7 closest friendly ground target "external padlock", then cycles through in an external view each click

    (what would be really nice but WON'T happen too is something we had in RB3d, shift+d key there (i think)...It would let you lock onto a plane, normally friendly like a wingman, and you could click to it at anytime if in range never losing padlock on it........Let you look around yet then relock in on say your flight leader easily, made formation flying easier)
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    Yes Oleg PLEASE let server admins choose between having the options :

    1 : Externals on with NO F6 or F&
    2 : Externals on with NO F6 but F7 ON
    3: Externals on with F6 on but NO F&

    The externals are a big part of the game, and its a shame to have these settings locked.

    If a server wants to have externals enabled then it HAS to have the 'early warning rader that is F6' too. Surely it would not be too hard to change this to be an option instead of a definite?

    Thanks for listening.
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    Externals enabled without the ability to instantly padlock the enemy plane/ground unit or friendly for that matter would be quite enjoyable.

    This would stop the lazy pilot who never looks over his/her shoulder and just taps external padlock every few seconds. Very annoying for the BnZ pilots.
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    If only the external padlock was working the same as the internal one on no icon games, it would be a great improvement.
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    Mods: This issue has been raised many times over a long period of time now and it causes numerous problems for those online server administrators who wish to provide 'more granularity' on the balance between fun and realism. i.e. They want to allow people to look at the graphics that Oleg and co spent a lot of time creating whilst also preserving the fine balance between tnb and bnz aircraft by removal of the F6 'radar' key.

    Even if it as 'simple' as a line in the server application configuration file rather than any 'difficult' change to the GUI, can it be given due consideration prior to the final patch?
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    There are external views in the game?????
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    Adding a thumbs up to this. I realise it's been asked for before, but we're talking about the LAST few updates. This is our LAST CHANCE to get these changes in to IL2 - please Oleg - implement it!
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    A shameless bump.
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