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    Here's a tomahawk i've been working on for a bit.

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    Camo and markings look spot on. I expect you are working on a bit more rivets and weathering.
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    Oh of course, got to make it look like it's been in battle at least once.
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    heh, I think it looks kinda cool like that. Cell shaded almost. Lookin good
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    if anyone has a better way of doing flush rivets, i'd like to know. currently im just using half pixel sized brush and just turning the opacity down. i plan on like outlining the rivets, so as to show like little bumps in the skin. i dont remember what people call it. but any info on flush riveting techniques i'd appreciate it.
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    Well here's the final product (i hope) of my tomahawk Mk.lla. if anyone has any suggestions or opinions please, feedback is welcomed. Thanks to Macwan for his hawk81 template. i used pieces of his template on some layers, so.. thank you

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    Is this your fist skin? This looks really good, especially for a first one. Well done
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    no i've done lots of skins, just i changed my user name. i used to go by leiker06. but i will put this up at mission4today if anyone wants to download it. just would like to get more feeback before i do.
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    Looks pretty good mate, just a bit to clean for my liking.

    As for the rivet question try copying the rivet layer in white/grey and move it a pixel off the original, play with the opicity until your happy then gasian blur them slightly.
    Might work for you, might not, personnal preferance.
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    Thank you for the feedback, made a few more changes for the better i hope. it is now uploaded at mission4today if anyone wants it, thanks again.
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