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    Before I went to assassinate my first big mark at the end of sequence one, the people in the office mentioned the glyph at Santa Croce. I figured I'd do the assassination first and then go back and get the glyph later.

    It seems as if AFTER the assassination that area becomes off limits. I spent WAY too much time climbing up buildings looking for Santa Croce and absolutely could not find it anywhere.

    I really don't want to miss any glyphs and I've just arrived with the mother and sister in Tuscany and I'm trying to decide if I restart the game from scratch, or will I be able to go back at some point in time and nail that glyph?
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    What do you mean "off limits"? Too high up or heavily guarded?
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    During the family escort mission, you can't go anywhere but to the location. After you complete a few more missions you'll be able to go to cities you've been to by visiting a travel stall
    (The marker looks like a white double-headed arrow on the map)
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    Ahhhhh thanks Xen.

    Supreme: No just meaning that where I thought it was this morning seems to be in desync area now.

    I am absolutely stumped I've done a complete grid search of the entire city of Florence that I can see and I CANNOT find this friggin' building.
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    AHHHHHH never mind ... found a map!!!

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