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    UQMG FB+AEP+PF UPGRADE 5.0.43 - W98/ME, Net Iwo Jima Map

    Dear UQMG users from the IL-2 FB/PF Community,

    (Download and Installation Instructions in the bottom of this post.)

    I am extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of the new upgrade for UQMG for FB+AEP+PF. It is free, of course, and will bring your UQMG to version 5.0.43. All in all, IL-2 FB+AEP+PF will bring you now more enjoyment than ever with the new features in UQMG.

    This is an upgrade for UQMG for FB+AEP+PF (versions 5.x.x and higher). This upgrades fixes some problems with the original installation. The major features are listed below:

    * Limited support for Win 98/ME machines enabling all features except Ground Objects Editor (GOE). UQMG is only 100% compatible with XP PCs with enough RAM resources. This varies from machine to machine and how much memory is available.
    * Fixed "Cannot Create Directories" error with more code that fixes the problem within UQMG without need for user intervention.
    * Fixed bug that did not load Fuel quantities correctly when starting UQMG

    * Tutorial Updates
    * Added Web link to UQMG Support Forum at AirWarfare.com in Help menu.

    * Net Iwo Jima, with 4 sample "uqmg" mission data files
    + This map includes lots of scenery, including smoke and fires, plus the ability to conduct carrier ops. I'll post later some screenshots of this map, and you will be convinced that this small download (490K) is worth your time.

    NEWS: There is a new UQMG Support Forum at AirWarfare.com. If you have any questions, feedback, problems, please post a message at:
    * http://www.airwarfare.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=25

    WARNING: This UPGRADE is ONLY COMPATIBLE with UQMG for IL-2 FB+AEP+PF (versions 5.x.x and higher). It will not work with previous non-PF UQMG versions (versions 4.x.x and lower).

    This upgrade is to be installed over any version of UQMG for FB+AEP+PF combo install (Not compatible with previous Non-PF UQMG versions). All subsequent upgrades will only be applicable to UQMG for FB+AEP+PF. Only one upgrade version will be available at a time to eliminate confusion, and ALL upgrades can be installed over any version of UQMG for FB+AEP+PF.

    To install upgrade to UQMG for FB+AEP+PF:
    * Download upgrade WinZIP file from http://www.uberdemon.com/downloadpage.html
    * UnZIP it in the UQMG for FB+AEP+PF installation directory, which is generally "c:\program files\uberquickpf"
    * Right Click on the zip file and then go to the Winzip options, then select "Extract Here".
    * Overwrite files if it prompts you to.
    * Start UQMG from the Start Windows menu.
    * Whether you are familiar with UQMG or new to it, I recommend you to click the "Tutorial" yellow button to start enjoying the features of UQMG right away. It is easy to read, and you will have lots of fun with it building missions that are very playable.

    Best Regards
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    An update already??

    Thanks Uberdemon!!
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    As allways your on top of your game Uberdemon! Many thanks for all the hard work you put into this. It is by far the best program for IL2!
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    Uberdemon - I just can't thank you enough for your hard work and the pleasure I get from it.
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    Thanks guys! The kind remarks are really appreciated. Keeps me motivated!

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    Maybe this is a dumb question, but is there a feature in UQMB to designate rendevous between the flights? Since flights take-off from different fields by default, is there a way to set a timed WP as rendevous without FMB? For instance, Bombers and escort rendevous then to target.

    Very fast update, I must say. I saw the additions to the Tutorial as well.

    <S> for your great program!
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    The detail rocks! I have spent hours making quality missions and it was worth it. But they lacked the objects in transit and as peripherals. This utility is a dream come true. Any scenario in minutes.

    Thanks! Let me know if we can ever be of assistance.
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    No question is a dumb question. There is not a feature like the one you suggested, unfortunately. Where flights take-off from vary from map to map. Some maps have different flight groups in the same runway (for example, on the Net 5 Finland map, all Axis flights are in one runway, because that is the only Blue team runway, and the Reds are divided between two other runways.

    Some times some experimentation will work by trying different combinations. For example, in the Flight Editor, you can set the start location, whether on Air or at the base, but you can also pick flights over the base already formed up. This would change the timing greatly. So if you had the bombers all starting flying overhead on the base, and the fighters taking off, depending on the map this may coincide with the right location.

    You can also rely on radio comm. If you are flying fighters, you can lead your flight or squadron to follow you, and you can fly towards the bombers, then you ask for ground control to send help, then the other fighters will be vector to your location.

    Another feature is using some delayed spawn to control when the flights will appear.

    Sorry I do not have the feature you want, but perhaps one of these can help you.

    Phist 25,

    Thank you a lot. HOpe you enjoy the Tuturial.

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    Thank's Uber Demon... Your New Program is Fantistic.
    Thank's for all the work you must have put into this Program for us.
    Again Thank's!
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    Hi UberDemon,
    I find it a bit difficult to understand and apply the procedure for changing groundsubjects in the GOE (it€s a languageproblem I€m afraid). It would be very helpful if you were so kind to explain in detail how under UQMG rules one can bring for instance under naval attack the Tirpitz in the Finnish Gulf?
    Thank you,
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