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    Brilliant. Find a copy and read it.

    War in a Stringbag
    Charles Lamb
    DSO, DSC

    Possibly the best book I've read by a WW2 combat flyer. The Fleet Air Arm doesn't get the love it deserves - those guys deserve to be legends.

    Charles Lamb did it all: torpedo bombing, dive bombing, dodging fighters, in a plane that was obsolete before the war even began. He also flew missions for the SOE, and spent time in a Vichy POW camp in Algiers.

    Really inspiring stuff. What are you waiting for? Go find a copy.
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    If you liked that have a read of "Bring back my stringbag" by Lord Kilbraken
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    Great book - a must read
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    "With Naval Wings" is another cracking good read about life in the FAA.
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