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    Hello Pacific fighter world my name is Malc and to some of you my third Post on here will make you happy but to some i will be joining the endless others known simply as complainers . I love this sim and all that it has to offer . There are flaws in it but so does most every game ever built I have flown sims since the advent of the Apache Gunship for the Commodore 64 I also work as a maintenece personel for aircraft But what i see on these forums kinda makes me worry about things We have a few in here that raises Red flags and next thing you know they have to duck and cover from the return fire from those that seem in awe of this sim and take an attitude of You shouldn't be complaining be happy with what you got Well that is all fine and good but hey to all those that are gearing up to frag my Post cause i agree with alot of people on here about certain things that are wrong with this game ut back to my Point lets say you flew on one of my aircraft and this certain day I decide heck i think I am done with this aircraft repair knowing full well its not even ready And let people board spend good money on tickets believing in there safety and sit there and watch it take off and head back for some coffee and donuts mean while your sitting in a chair on board at 35000ft and there is a massive failure and you and all aboard plummet to your death Boy i would love to able to take the attitude of the complainer killers or the whiner nay sayers and tell the remaining family members oh well its just a Plane deal with it So in ending my hat is off to all those who raise red flags and compalin and whine

    over and out Malcgr
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    wow..thats impressive. lets take a game and compare it to a catastrophe. imo thats just sick.
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    This must've been the most horrid comparison i've ever read!
    I really, really hope you're just kidding. Don't know if that would make it better though, it's a horrid joke if that's the case.
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    A few full stops would be nice.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Yimmy:
    A few full stops would be nice. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    A Stop before the "Hello" would have been Good
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    I tried to read it on loud voice, but I half-choked and got sick...
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    *SIGH* Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day"

    It's like the same thing day after day, after day...etc!

    And yes, comparing faults in a game to an airplane crash with fatalities is just WRONG on so many levels
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    Well, at least he was trying to make a point...
    But he failed...
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    Boy, that was a really stupid post.

    And, yeah, try using some punctuation next time. It will make you seem like somewhat less of a moron.
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    Hey papadoon, you can't compare this post to "Groundhog Day!" Andie McDowell is a much more fetching whiner! All the best, LongHorn
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