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    Ok, so you know how you press q and then press a directional key to select a weapon right? And then under those keys there are like sub-weapons. I just cant figure out how to select those (such as money, dagger, poison blade)
    Help? I have a pc version.
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    Hi, I have the PC version too.
    When I want to switch between weapons and stuff. I press Q and hold it. Slide my mouse around and see the arrows move. When the arrow is pointing to the one I want I release Q.
    The weapons icon should change and the new weapon is selected.
    The arrow moves around a lot so make sure its pointing to the one you want before letting Q go.
    The dagger is really handy when your fighting a lot of enemies at once and especialy brutes - learned it the hard way.
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    Thanks! I didnt know u could use ur mouse lol.
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    *lol* It's alright. It happens.
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