Crabhart wrote:

The Mistel was one of
- the many last ditch planes used by the Germans. It
- was a Ju-88 with no cockpit stuffed with explosives,
- guided to it's target by a Bf 109 or a FW 190, which
- released it and allowed it to fly to it's target. I
- think the fm's completely finished, as well as the
- Zveno.

sorry to pick on you individually as a few people said it

but IIRC the word 'mistel' means combination and although the majority were 109 or 190 with ju88 bomb underneath (as in FB) I'm sure some of them were fully functioning Do17 with a plane such as Me328 on top as a parasite fighter (i think it was just experimental however)
therefore some mistel were akin to the TB3 with parasite fighters

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