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    Or is it new beginnings?

    After almost exactly two years with Ubisoft, I will be leaving to pursue another position...

    I doubt I will ever be able to express the many outstanding experiences I have had the honor and privelige to share with this wonderful, rich, warm, very very amazing community. Through all the good times and the hard times, I will ever be changed and inspired by the many people I have known here - and hope to continue to know for many years to come.

    There are too many people... who have made such a difference here. Thanks to all of you! And especially to JennyH, my first pal, and Alahmnat, who has done so much for this community, and all of the moderators, both new and old, who tirelessly work to make this a better place for all of us. Deg, your creativity, energy, and cheer have always been a delight to all of us. Maz... I await with baited breath your next amazing undertaking... Tweek... I STILL want to hang out some time at the D'ni Jazz Club. And all the others with whom I've been able to share this rich and singular time. And, especial thanks and warm affection for Kha'tie... we who have shared so much in our journey... I can only leave knowing it will be your hands that take up the work from here on out, your heart in which the community will come to live.

    Thanks to Cyan Worlds, for such a marvellous world, and to all of us, for bringing it to life...

    all my best,

    randomos (ron)
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    Good luck Ron wishing you all the best its been a pleasure working with you.

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    The past two years have been incredible. I've greatly enjoyed the journey, getting involved, and helping out. You've done so much for the Myst community and made it a very welcoming place for the many creative fans here. We'll miss you, but know you'll still be a part of us.

    - Deg -
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