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    New to this forum
    I just finished getting all the Glyph symbols or what ever they are iv completed all the puzzles and watched the video... what the ---- does it mean? Adam and Eve in the future?
    Can someone please explain what it has to do with the game? Or what it means pretty much? Is this a clue to another secrete in the game?
    Cheers guys and girls
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    Welcome to the forums.......ok first off the video sequence that you unlock is actually a video clip of a session in the animus with subject 16....second its not the future it is actually the first civilization(garden of eden). Minerva and her people created it along with the humans as she said at the end of the game.....She created the piece of eden to control her creation(human), but Adam and Eve had different plans.....they rebeled and Eve stole the apple of eden....they fled as you can see in the truth video....we don't know the outcome.....yet. Hope this cleared it up for you.
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    It shows where the PE came from, what they were originally used for, and where the humans came from.
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    Absolutely right. Although the first civilisation created the pieces of Eden to control their creation (humans), they didn’t now that some of them (very few) were immune to their effect. Adam and Eve were both immune, that's how they escaped. Other people immune to the artefact’s effect through history include Altair and Ezio. Also, subject 16 was a direct descendant of Adam or Eve. That’s where this memory he recorded and hid in the Animus came from.
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    cant help but wonder if subject 16 was immune beacuse of eagle vision ?
    and he came to (or should i say taken) to abstergo mabye desmond new him or possably his father altho i rember desmond saying his parents were dead unless thares 2 kinds of poeole immune to the AoE ppl with eagle vision and people decended to adam and eve (but what made them immune tho ?) gah the game raises more Q than A DAMN U UBIMON T_T
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    ok in the bible they talk about how adam and eve were apple of eden blah blah blah well its some what true because the tree is the big huge building as a represontation of good and evil and adam and eve taking the applefrom the tree(a.k.a big building) it is a session of subjects 16's memory's through either adam or eve and as for the people who are their if you have completed the game and went throught vault in the vatican it stats that their was a more advance race on this earth before us and they created us in their imag by a thing called genetic splicing of monkeys and their DNA and this advanced civilization is sopposedlly atlantis the lost city and eventually they made war and because they were so blind with the war the advaced race (Altantians) failed too notice the monumental threat that was caused by the sun (a.k.a was is soposidelly going to happen on 2012)and the sequence that you are viewing is a little years before it happens when it happened everyone died except what do you no adam eve and genisis begins and as proof this civilization existed one the neztec lines google it: Two the egypt pyramids think about are technology cant even do that:lastly the sumarians how do you think they got such straight lins in stone without metal and also most religions in the eastern hemisphere have many gods to worship greek mythology had um have you ever noticed that the farther you go back in time the more the riligions stay the same many gods or many people in the advanced civilization
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