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    Hi everyone.

    Just finished ACB.. What a ride..
    Cant wait to see how the story ends.. Im sure Ubisoft will blow our minds yet once more..

    Just one thing..
    I preordered ACB for PC (I dont live in USA so i hope this is world-wide)

    I thought i was supposed to get some DLC for free or somthing (I belive it was mentioned somwhere that you got that if you preordered)

    Did I somhow miss out on that or did I just forget to do somthing ?
    How do I see if I have just played the DLC ?
    I mean. In AC2 the DLC is the templar treasures.. But if you start off by playing that you wouldnt know its DLC. So.. What am i doing wrong here ?
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    The DLC is automatically installed on your pc but to actually play it you have to activate it through UPlay for 0 points. After you do a new memory will appear in rome and the dlc missions will start from there.
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    Great. Thanks. Im at work so i cant check if it works but I just unlocked it so ill check this weekend when i get some time to play.. Btw. Is the Romulus the only special armour suite I can get ? I just unlocked it.
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