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    i reformated a couple weeks ago and reinstalled 1946. i just reinstalled hyperlobby and when it looks for the path it finds one then says"hyper lobby cannot find the game path executable".but the path it saved looks like the right one
    "c:\Program Files\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\il2fb.exe
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    you have to click on the "forgotten battles" part first, by default it looks for the Jane's WW2 fighters. My buddy had the same problem.

    Good luck, and have fun in the virtual sky
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    yeah i made sure it says forgoten battles. i had actuly done that the first time. i uninstaled hyper loby the re in staled it ,restated my comp and still no go..
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    If it is a timeout connection problem, then you are SOL. A widerange of IPs are being blocked by Hyperlobby. There are some posts on this forum and SimHQ talking about the problem.
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