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    My apologies for the completely off topic nature of this post, but I fingered someone here might be able to help.

    My wife won a DVD player at her company Christmas party. She wants it hooked up to the tele. The television is an older Mitsubishi TV that does not have the red, white and yellow plugs. I fingered I'd just hook it up by sending the signal first to the input on my VCR player and then to the TV. I hooked it all up and no dice! The instructions for the DVD player oddly enough do not have instructions for hooking it up this way, so I fear it can't be done. The DVD player is a Toshiba SD-K740SU

    Any ideas?
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    you might need one of those converter thingies. a friend of mine had the same setup and he had to purchase a converter from Radio Shack.

    goodluck sir
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    What type of Mitsubishi TV is it? (Run TVDiag.exe ;-)
    Does it have S-Video connector?
    If so, get an S-Video cable ('not supplied' according to manual') and hook up the Audio (Red & White) to your Audio set.... you get better sound anyway! (Well, I'm assuming you do actually have an audio set....)
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    If youre going to run the DVD Player through the VCR into the tv:

    DVD "out" plugs must connect to the "in" inputs on the VCR.

    Also make sure that the VCR is on because if you are going through the VCR you need it to be on and in input or tv/vcr mode.

    Haha I'm reading a PDF of the manual. There are crazy cartoon characters of the dvd player

    On page 10 of

    I see that the left plugs are your outputs for audio and video. Can you tell me what VCR you are trying to plug into?
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    I fingered it out! I had it all hooked up right, but you need to set the tuner for the VCR to L-1 and the DVD plays just fine! No adaptor or trip to Radio Shack needed! Thanks for the help anyways.
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    Make sure you have the VCR set to line-in or A/V or something like that.

    Edit: oops helps to read the whole thread - you already got it

    With that having been said... if your TV doesn't have composite input (red/white/yellow) then it must be pretty old. To really enjoy a DVD I'd recommend a TV with at least component inputs (blue/green/red), assuming your DVD player has those outputs. The clarity and color definition is much better... you're probably getting a lot of "bleeding" right now, especially with reds.

    Of course, if you can go digital... then this is possible
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    Wingnut, you just turned me very green.

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