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    I have the hit sounds mlost of the time... if some "soft" parts are hit, however, you wouldn't hear anything in real plane anyway...

    if you never get hit sounds, try to change your sound settings/drivers...
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    I hear very distinctive and very loud hits. Especially when something big gets me...makes me jump. Usually its too late when you get hit like that...but I definately hear it. The screen jumps a bit as well.
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    This happens to me when I play online in the GreatGreen server (some other places too). I notice that this happens when there are a lot of people in the servers or there are one or two with killer pings. Also results in warping (my personal favorite) and not recording kills properly. I'm willing to bet this is more a problem with the server than the game itself.
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    Definitely makes it look like there is a problem with the server.
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    Hmm, I get hit sounds with 8 channels, and 22400 (or whatever exactly), and the minimal 3D acceleration, with the hardware turned down one notch on an Audigy 2. They ain't the greatest, but then again I have the lights and buzzers toned down so, but I do get em.
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    Strange, I get hit sounds and some screen shake. In fact just last night I was escorting some stukas in my 109 flying along nice and smooth and suddenly thud (a very nasty thud) the plane shook and oil covered my windscreen. I was lucky to make it home.
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    I think these sounds had a complete re-work from IL-2 to FB. It used to be you could hear bullets if they passed close-by, not anymore though...
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    Hit sounds are definitely there. I really noticed it when I added on PF. I tried an Eastern Campaign in the I16 and normally, I`d ignore most bomber gunner`s fire, but now, my ears are assailed by hit impact after hit impact! Really worries me and the damage I must be taking! In fact, I`m sure you wouldn`t hear so much in reality, but it does feel `immersive`.

    Probably a bad install, bad soundcard or you`ve set your sounds wrong in control panel or ingame.
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    I think the hit sounds issues are the result of lag or some online issue. Offline the hit sounds are great, a flak hit can scare the heck out of you! Online, there are often no hit sounds, damage just suddenly appears. So, maybe it's a net issue, not so much the sim.
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