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    I'm no Bearcat, but...
    VAC isn't free, but it's only $10, and there is a free trial period, IIRC. With VAC you don't need the keyboard for comms or, if you set it up right, anything at all. Can be used with or with out TrackIR (if that's what you meant by the flash headgear.
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    What Saunders said.... it is IMO well worth the $10.... I have spent more than that on beer that is now somewhere in the Atlantic.
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    For voice activated commands, I use Shoot 1.6 at http://clans.gameclubcentral.com/shoot/ --it's free. I use it fairly regularly for both wingmen/squad commands and online to do "pre-canned" messages.

    * _54th_Speeder *
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    I tried shoot.
    It was ok, but I really liked VAC's layout better.

    It has become one of my favorite utilities.
    I use it for just about everything.
    Pacific Fighters, Falcon 4 even running some windows programs.
    If I could figure out how to make it type words, I'd use it to post messages.
    best $10 I ever spent.
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