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    "It's May 1944, and the battle to secure New Guinea from Japanese occupation is all but over.
    The once feared Japanese empire is now buckleing under the pressure being applied by the combined forces of both the United States and British Comonwealth.

    General Douglas MacArthur is now planning ahead for the next major offensive... the invaison of the Philippines.
    However, one last enemy out-post in the Philippine Sea, based amongst the Kepulauan islands must be dealt with first before any such invaision can begin.

    Used mostly as a staging area for distributing supplies to their forward garrisons throughout the reigon, this network of islands consisting of at least three airfields and two harbours also serves as an important naval base to the enemy, and as such is well defended by a number of land based fighter and bomber units in addition to the warships currently stationed there.

    While American air and ground forces prepare for this upcoming battle, the ANZAC's will be mobilized and sent in in advance to neutralise the threat that this group of islands poses to our main invaision force.

    Two fictional campaigns flying RNZAF 21 SQN Corsairs (20 Missions) and RAAF 30 SQN Beaufighters (15 Missions)

    I've been working on this for a while now, but had to shelve it a couple of times due to a number of different problems that I encountered.
    Anyway its just about ready to go, so I figered I'd post some random shots to give you all a taste of what it will look like.

    Thanks to Zues-cat, Dubbo, and Rhino, testing is completed and has been improved by adding a number of their great suggestions. (Cheers again guys!)
    Also, cheers to vpmedia, Greg Boyington & Jesters Ink for giving me permission to use some of their awesome skins... as they really add a nice touch to these missions.

    Download http://mission4today.com/index...ds&file=details&id=1

    Anyway, some preview screenshots...

    Ready for take-off

    Inbound to target

    Ki-61's on patrol

    In formation

    Strafing revetments

    Tony's attack!

    ... joined by A6M-3's!!!

    Got good position

    Heading out once more

    Going in with rockets

    Providing cover

    Getting low and dirty

    The ANZAC's go ashore

    Just one or two finishing touches need to be done and ill try and get it uploaded within the next few days.

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    And a few more...

    30 SQN RAAF ready to transfer

    Leaping from the deck of the USS Enterprise

    Torpedo Attack!


    Now you see it

    Now you don't!

    Engage the Kates

    Scratch one flat-top!

    Enemy Aichi E13A1 "Jake" Recon

    Franks on the prowl!

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    Wow, like it, can't wait for the upload

    What site will it be on?
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    -HH-Dubbo's Avatar Senior Member
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    Canardly wait. Maybe then I can find out what an anzac is

    Highly recommended
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    LMAO Dubbo!! ... I guess I'll have to explain it in the readme for the Antipodean challenged.
    Heh, I considered holding it off untill ANZAC day... but im too impulsive to have to wait until April.

    I'm hoping to have it ready for download from Airwarfare.com by the weekend... barring anything unforseen.
    I'll update this thread once its up though.
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    Looks good...
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    Please do keep us a-"breast" of latest developments (sort of echoing the "poultry" theme of previous posts ). Us ANZACs are raring to take to the skies! I notice there are aircraft carriers featuring in many shots though. I rather suspect that once I get my hands on the controls of a Corsair (assuming, of course, that I manage to chew my way through these cursed restraining straps) that Gallipoli will look as peaceful and serene as a Sunday school picnic come landing time.
    Yes, had PF been available when I joined these forums I fear I wouldn't have become the frighteningly intelligent, erudite and charming net-denizen that you all know and love as "FlatSpinMan" but rather " Fool-Who-Continually-Fails-to-Land-On-Carriers" (to use my full, Native American title).

    Anyway, fullspeed ahead, Achilles, and d a m n the torpedoes!!
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    You sure have pretty water there, Achilles.
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    Heya peeps,

    It's finally done and ready to download!

    Many thanks to Henchman32 for assembling and uploading for me, as well as the guys at www.airwarfare.com for hosting it.

    You can download it here:


    Please check the readme.pdf for installtion instructions and hints & tips for surviving the missions.

    20 Missions for the RNZAF F4U-1D Corsair.
    15 Missions for the RAAF Beaufighter.

    Features some limited carrier ops missions, before shifting to a land base. (If carrier ops arn't your thing... the auto-pilot will be able to handle take-off's and landings)
    Missions comprise of Deep strike, recon patrols, escorts, torpedo runs, rocket & dive-bombing atttacks to name a few... should be something for everyone hopefully.

    Please let me know how you get on with it.

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