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    I discovered Imagine Town because I thought I remembered this old website for the Imagine Games! I thought it was Imagine Town so I typed that in and guess what popped up?!
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    well one day i was looking at the back of my game case (for an imagine game) and i saw it, i knew how much i liked the games so i tried it out! i also found ubiworld theres a few fun games on there, but imagine town is WAY better!

    Melissa Willow
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    I found out by an email that was sent so i explored the site and made an account! I'm so happy i did!
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    I found out about Imagine Town kinda the same way as Kylie. I played Ubiworld.com for awhile. But I got kinda bored and stuff. I didnt find out about it by a my-link thingy. Then I found the Imagine Town link. And you know what happened after.
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    I got a notice from Ubiworld and clicked on it and then i signed up
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    I discovered Imagine Town by e-mail. My mom was checking her e-mail and she said there was an Imagine Town e-mail. So I signed up that day
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    Well I was playing around on You Tube when I stumbled across the channel for IT! I'm glad I signed up!
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    Cool stuff guys! We're glad you all found us too!! Keep those answers coming.
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