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    Just finished a 65k patrol out of Kiel in a VIIB. Went around Britain and through the approaches, and get transferred to Brest.
    To reward the boats fine service, BdU is sending U-47 to AM68. July `40, but AM68?

    I'm thinking who did this KptLT piss off. But actually I think U-47 to accept this assignment, and outfit with TII's.
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    Tough area, between Scotland and Northern Ireland, around the Clyde etc. But July 1940? Shouldn't be too much of a problem - don't get spotted, dive in the day, come up at night. If you get caught by aircraft, dive and alter course, but if it's too late to dive, fend them off and dive right after. Find a good position to track fast contacts leaving and entering the Clyde - could be troopships or a big warship that feels safe.
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    Turned out to be an interesting patrol, took some damage from the RAF and escaped a few DE runs. Several two-three convoys US flaged and Brittish escorts. Several US flagged tankers, garrrrr. Did catch a few enemy singles and a convoy out of Liverpool. TII's can be your wakeless friend. Back to Brest with about 95k tonns

    Two side notes; the whole US neutral status early war is frustrating, even though I do the edit I don't zap then as singles. If you can evaide detection early starting convoys seem to be lightly escorted.
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