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    Major American City Shut Down by Mooninite Plot!

    Meatwad: [Frylock's Nightmare] You killed us! I told you not to do it but you did it!... Anyways!
    Frylock: No! No, I didn't!
    Master Shake: Yes, you did.
    Frylock: No, I didn't!
    Carl: YOU DID!
    Meatwad: YES YOU DID!
    Frylock: No... I didn't.
    Master Shake: Wait a minute, did you just to say that you did, because that's what you did.
    Frylock: No, I didn't!
    Meatwad: BUT YOU DID!


    Err: [Err and Inignot walk into view] "A" Is for apple, "J" is for jacks.
    Inignot: [noticing the OoGhiJ MiQtxxXA] Look Err, free egg.
    Err: [jumps atop the computer] Damn, yea! For straight, for shizum!
    Inignot: [looks to the screen] Try having omelettes now, Denver!
    Err: Omeletoids!
    Inignot: Did you hear what I said Denver?
    [raising both middle fingers to the screen]
    Inignot: Or shall I turn it up for you?
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    This whole story exemplifies the American over-reaction to anything we don't understand. Do they even TRAIN bomb squad members? Isn't it obvious there are no explosives? "Ah flashing lights! Its a bomb!!" This ranks right up there with strip searching 90 year old grannies at the airport This morning on CNN Miles Obrien said "the characters are saying we're number one"...hahahaahah IT'S FLIPPING EVERYONE OFF!!! The sad part is everyone in Boston was terrorized by the OVER THE TOP MEDIA REPORTS and now the guys who were contracted by the ADVERTISING AGENCY are in jail. What about the ad execs who approved this? What about Turner Broadcasting who PAID for it? My prediction - these two schmoes go to prison and Turner cuts a multi-million$$$$ check.
    There was a similar scare here in Cinci a few months ago with the bomb squad detonating what turned out to be a gas can with a battery powered pump used by lawn car companies that apparently fell out of a truck going down the freeway.
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    A sign of our times
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    Same thing happened here in D.C. Shut down a Metro station and tied up traffic for miles.
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    Everyone knows the first rule of bomb making is that you must decorate the timer with a an LED rendition of your favorite cartoon character.

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    omfg, NO WaI!1111112!23111
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    About a Year ago some in Tulsa found a shoe box under their car. They were leaving work when they saw it. The bomb squad was called out, they removed and detonated it just to find out it only had a pair of old shoes in it
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    lol they showed it on TV and blurred the "middle finger" on the light display.
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