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    Yeah if I was in the market for a new card I would buy a 7800GTX for sure. The new transparancy AA options are very cool as well. Both Nvidia and ATI had problems getting their cards out last time and it was nice to see Nvidia just push the 7800GTX on to the market like they did. As for ATI I believe their new card is going to be a while longer because of poor yields. Hopefully they get things under control.

    As for the HDR thing with ATI. It's true that all of these supposodly SM3.0 features can be done on ATI's current SM2.0b cards and it can be done just as fast if not faster due to ATI's faster pixel shader performance. Nvidia does own the rights to FP16 blending but nobody's using the highest quality HDR because cards can't even run the low quality very well. Every game that has come out in the lifetime of the 6800 Ultra could be done the same on X800 hardware and with faster performance. It all comes down to who pays who.

    I hear that Nvidia has a new card waiting to come out if ATI hits them back hard so it should be interesting to see. I probably won't upgrade my card for another year so I will have to see who is currently king at that point.

    Right now I am playing the game at 1600X1200 resolution with 16X AF and 4X AA. I am using SM2.0 with parallax mapping and soft shadows with all other options turned on. HDR is the only thing I leave off. Currently my game runs at 30FPS solid but if I turn off the 4X AA and turn on HDR my FPS drop to a solid 20FPS which is not good enough for me. I still think HDR needs to be implemented a little better and I feel that it is way to slow on anything but a 7800GTX. I am not sure if AA and HDR will be working togather in the future but I certainly hope so. Right now the technique that Nvidia is using on their web site demo's cannot be done in real time on a game. Hopefully they will figure something out.
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    Well I always prefered NVidia
    I was too until the Nvidia FX series came around - *ouch*. At that time, I picked up an ATI 9500 Pro and it lasted me longer than any video card I've owned.

    I agree when it comes time to getting a new card, evaluate both companies as they've both proven they can deliver the goods.

    Where's everyone getting the dough for 7800GTXs? Out selling...SCAG...if you get my drift.

    BTW, since I've been away from the SC forums for so long, is this the same forum as the original one when SC was just out? Back then, all I can remember were whiners and arguments and people getting banned. Now, everyone seems a heck of alot more "cool" here. It seems like a different set of people.
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    Wow...I didn't know that this would start such a discussion post. I am happy with my new video card. Much better than this radeon 9200 junk I took out of my computer. Anybody want to buy it? LMAO! Actually...the radeon 9200 has been a very good card for me. Not fast, but reliable. Overclocked easily.
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    I suppose. In the advanced graphic settings in the shader 1.0 game, I know I can use AA or shader 3.0 and disable AA choices automatically. So you say that the 3.0 shader is HDR in fact?
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