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    Note: just a remark, I love the game, not bashing it

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed but it appears the ports in SHIII are not based on the historic layouts of the actual ports at all, eventhough information on the ports is available. Has anybody else noticed it? comments?
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    I have gone through this problem with another sim

    The most probable reason is that the variability of the ports is so wide that the in-game objects needed is huge. So instead of accuracy, they go with a loose interpretation of the actual place
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    Im from Wilhelmshaven and i must say that the port in the game is not exact, but very close to the old Navy port.
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    Lol that was alet down at the end, I was expecting something massive and great in SH3 lol...

    its a bit snide aint it rreally :/ looks like they got bored!
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    LOL Looks good to me lol.
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