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    Hi guys,

    Believe it or not, I have never played any of Oleg's games. I know, I've been living under a rock

    But I just discovered Pacific Fighters and am looking forward to playing this sim. But where do I begin?

    Do I have to purchase all of the other IL2 games to get the full effect for Pacific Fighters? If so, that's no problem, I think it would be worth it. What is the install process with all the sims to get to a fully working PF?

    What patches would I need? Do I have to patch all the other sims before installing Pacific Fighters?

    Will PF have a dynamic campaign?

    I'm really confused about all of this, and it seems a bit overwhelming since I have been really out of touch with the WWII flight sim genre. (My last WWII sims were Aces of the Pacific, and 1942 Pacific Air War)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've tried reading the other posts here but I'm only getting more confused.

    Hope you guys can help me.
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    PF will run stand alone once you get it.

    Or you can buy Il2 forgotten battles and AEP first them patch them up to vers 2.04 to play online with us. Or leave them as is, then wait for PF and load it on top of those.

    I would imaging PF will install over any version of FB,AEP just fine.

    Only time will tell.
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    you can buy a Gold copy of AEP i think that has F.B and AEP togather then patch it up to 2.04 and then get P.F and youll have everything.or just get P.F but you wont have access to all the russian & german fighters.or from what i hear the p38.
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    you should definately consider getting the ace expansion gold pack which should be forgotten battles and aep together with pacific fighters.
    if you are interested in playing online and install pacific fighters standalone you will be missing out on probably about 80% of the servers.
    i assume that many people will already own fb/aep and do a combined install of pacific fighters.
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    ive heard on good authority that the Full install over AEP and the original IL2 fixes the oversized Muzzle flashes, this can only be achieved by a Full install over FB though (this is regarding the BETA version anyway)

    Im hoping this is the same for the retail version, Getting very inpatient..
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    Thanks for the quick and helpful responses guys.

    This won't be as hard to get into as I thought. I'll go for the Gold version of AEP and just patch it to 2.04 then I'm set for PF, and I still get to be overloaded with the complete air war in WW2 in all theateres

    Thanks guys, and thanks to Mr. Maddox for making a sim like this, I have literally waited years for a simulation like this to come along.
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    You need patch 2.01 first , then patch to 2.04. There are no 2.02 or 2.03 so don't worry about them... just 2.01 and 2.04 are the ones you need.
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    I would buy the previous two too. I'm not exactly a flight simmer, but this game is awesome!
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    Be prepared for a new addiction. These games are very indepth, very immersive...be prepared to learn your landings, takeoffs, gunnery, and all those good things. But its so worth it.
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    Ther good thing about getting the AEP GOLD is that once you get PF on there you will have an awesome planeset with an awful lot of good maps and the whole package together just makes more sense. I dont think anyone who gets PF is going to go the solitary route for long. I bet that within 6 months at the most they will be going for the GOLD. The differing FMs of each plane in this series is just mind boggling. Couple that with the graphics whhhooooo baby. Flight sim heaven for sure.
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