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    So with the new costume being as awesome as it is, would you purchase any armour over it? When I first played AC2 I liked the costume so much that I finished the game without purchasing any armour except the greaves and of course the Altair's armour. I think I'll do it again because this new costume is the best of the lot. Thoughts??
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    I think there is suppose to be a skin where you can buy armor but the skin allows you to keep the regular costume look. An excellent idea but i still wish you can remove all of your armor.
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    For the first playthrough I'll check online to see if any of them improve the outfit. If none of them do then I'll wear as little armor as possible, unless they stick me with some ugly shoulder stuff. If that's the case then I'll go for whatever combination looks best.

    But I will never wear chest armor.
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