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    Well curiosity has finally overcome me. I was banned back in February for spam. It has probably been twelve weeks since bolillo_loco has been banned. When I try and use my bolillo_loco name, I get the same message that I€ve been getting since February, €œYou have been banned for one week due to spam.€

    So I ask, how long does a one week ban last?
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    2 weeks
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    HayateAce's Avatar Banned
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    Nov 2004
    FREE bolillo_loco now! Heck I only got a month in the hole for "repeatedly using the term Bs109."

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    Go on hunger strike
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    It's really |450|Chunder's fault.

    I posted this picture

    In several threads back in Februrary and I was promptly banned for spamming this handsome lad about the net.

    I just cannot help that he is so attractive that I have to post his picture...
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