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    Does anyone have an opinion on these sims? SFP1 is coming out with a complete Korean War conversion which sounds very interesting. WOV is interesting to me because that was my time and I did and Air Force tour in Vietnam.

    The criticism that I hear the most is that these are "Flight Sim Lites". Anyone have an opinion?

    I have been playing IL-2 and its variants for 2 years. I have barely scratched the surface of the offline campaigns. With addons, I don't think you could ever get to the end of this sim. I am one of those in the minority who hates 4.01 and removed it.

    Life is short and there are a lot of good flight sims to try: LOMAC, Falcon 4: Allied Force, FA/18 is being totally revitalized, there's a Vietnam helicopter sim in the works, etc.

    So, any opinions on SFP1/WOV or any of the others?
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    I haven't tried these out yet, but they interest me as well. I can't find SF1 retail anymore, but I see WOV in some stores, although I'm waiting for the price to drop from $ 30 to $ 20. But if there are any combat flight games I'd get aside from Oleg's, it would be these two.
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    I find SFP1 quite immersive plus it gives you access to planes you plain just don't see in any other sim. Perhaps the FMs could be more complex, but it does "get you there".

    Definitely worth a look.
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    I have them both and the best part is you can add skins from one sim to the other because WOV is the off branch of SP1. I find them to be very good and a good get away Sim from IL2. I say get them.
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    I have WoV and it is a fairly decent Game... although not as richly modeled as IL-2 is. There are plenty of addons from second parties... which give it a expanded time frame of aircraft from WW2 through to modern jets.

    Check-out these links:
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    they keep making patches which shows good support, and the game is getting better. Excellent add-on A-10. A-6, A-7 etc.
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    thefarb2... I have to agree with you that the support is good. I've posted quesion on the forum and have allways had someone answer me and help me out.
    I love the early jets over the newer ones though.
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