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    I was in a zero and it was a wildcat. I came in high and from the side and missed with a deflection shot, he tried to dive away and I peppered the top of the fuselage. I was so stunned I immediatly dove into the water . This may not be a big deal to any of you guys but I'll be grinning about this for a while. By the way this is my first post. God I love this game!

    correction it was a hellcat and it was GOOD.
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    Woohoo! Congratulations. You'll always remember the first. Mine was in a A6M, Model 21. Caught a P-51 on the deck as he was chasing a friendly. Two lucky shots into his wing root and he flipped straight into the trees. Then I got consistently slaugtered for months after that
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    Ah, for me it was FB 1.21. It wasn't actually my first kill. I went online with the original IL2 once and had a good experience of ACM. When FB came out in 2001, I ventured onto HL and joined a relatively well-pinged server. I had a blast, missed lunch and dinner just flying. I managed to get killed not terribly often, but my gunnery wasn't just up to snuff. After several hours I got the hang of it though. I took up a Fw-190A-5 with the outboard 20mm cannons deleted. I snuck in on a Yak, missed the first deflection, and blew past him. He, in turn, stuck on my tail, I shook him, etc... It went back and forth for a while. He got a few hits on my fuselage, I popped a 20mm cannon shell or two on his wings... BUT finally, after 15 minutes of intense combat in this 1 vs. 1 dogfight, I gained the upper edge for a deflection shot and blasted him with a half-second burst into the engine and cockpit. His plane burst aflame. I leveled myself out at 250 meters (we had gone REALLY low) and one second later I got this message:

    Engine: Out of Fuel.

    I ditched on the road near a village. It was, to this date, one of the most exhilarating flights I've ever had. There are others, of course, some more fun, others more exciting, but nothing beats a first FR kill!
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    I remember my first. She had lots and lots of curly hair and a pretty smile and ... I guess this isn't the right forum after all.

    Well done.
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    think back on all the WW2 footage you've seen. Do you remember seeing little #'s floating above their planes? Nor do i. It's good that you've chosen to fly on a server that has icons off. You're one step closer to understanding what the veterans went thru.
    i applaud your choice and hope to see on more icon off/cockpit on servers in the future. oh, and don't forget to join the coms. there are many players on coms that are willing teach.
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    I didn't seem to remember my first victory (I always prefer to say this instead of 'kill"), but suddenly I just came back.

    I don't remember the aircraft involved, nor the map, nor the pilots. I don't remember any of those things.... except for the fact that that I felt so sorry for him that I indeed typed "sorry" in the chat line after shooting him down. I felt not worthy for it.

    Yea, I know this is pretty wierd. But I am weird, so in fact, this behavour is not weird from me, if you get my point.

    Anyhow, to this day, I still feel sorrow and sadness after shooting a human opponent down. No amount of chatline *****ing, KS-ing, TK-ing or FW-190 gang-banging on my I-16 changed it. Probably because I always played on the tightest settings, where this childish behaviour is less, and these days I only fly co-ops, where each opponent is precious, you don't want to ruin someone's day by blasing him into a big hole in the ground. A touch of 0.50s into his engine compartment, he will have fun landing the aircraft somewhere on his way home, I will have my fun collecting my points at the end of the mission.

    Now you can understand why I call it a 'victory' and not a 'kill'.
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    Yes, congratulations on your experience, and congratulations for having the intelligence to fly on full-real servers.

    I cannot remember my first kill on a full real server, I flew so much, and it was five years ago, but I do remember other events and kills from back then.

    It is a great thing we are a part of here. After five years, I still get the greatest satisfaction when I flame some red trash.
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    Congrads and welcome aboard!
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    Mine was a P51 VS a Dora I somehow managed to surprise the dora and for once my aim was on. I watched it go smoking down to the ground.... and was then bounced by the fellows wingman who I did not see I crashed about 20 feet from my first kill.
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