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    Does anybody know how I can change the introductory video in FB/PF? Is it a 'track' file or something else and in what directory is it stored? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    If u look at the main menu, u'll see a button for tracks, click it then delete all the **** u dont want in there.
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    The intro movie is a track. However, I don't think it's possible to change it.

    I've never found a track file that corresponds to the intro video.

    You could do a search for .trk files, and see if any of the names looks like the intro.
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    Trust me its in with all the sample tracks u just got to go through them to find the 1 that says intro.
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    You can disable the introduction video in 'setup' . This can be found in the main FB or PF folder (under 'programs/program files: Ubisoft).

    Just untick 'intro' in the bottom left hand corner of 'setup'.
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    Thanks to all for your advice. I had installed Case Blue and this had overwritten the introductory video. I found the file in the 'Intros' folder and it was simply named 'intro'. It does seem to be a track file although it doesn't have the usual 'trk' extension. To reinstall my favourite track I simply deleted the 'trk' extension of the file, renamed it 'intro' and copied it to the 'Intros' folder. I hope this helps anybody who wants to install their own introductory video but like myself was unsure how to do it until now.
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