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    Just test-flying a mission in UP2.01 4.09m and was really surprised. In a dogfight I latched onto a wounded Spit. Somehow we got into a dive, dropped about 700m very sharply. I pulled out but saw contrails coming from him as he tried to, too. He lost control and went into a spin at about 1000,m which ended with him going in.
    Don't think I've seen an AI pilot lose control at that height and go in. Down low, sure, but he definitely had height to manoeuvre.
    Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise.
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    Modded Ai is better than stock Ai, I loved the fact that the Stukas I was protecting in 109 didn't released their ordnance when they were under VVS attack.
    Then again I guess they knew who is protecting them so there is no reason to be afraid .
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    Yeah, when a damaged plane is forced to maneuver it will sometimes lose control.

    Modded AI has many nice features, it uses a variety of defensive maneuvers, doesn't abuse it's speed as much as the stock AI, and under some circumstances you can 'surprise it'.

    I'm looking forward to the new UP, what i've read suggests that it will be a comprehensive update of Il2 and a departure from the previous fragmented efforts.
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    The main thing I like is that the modded AI just doesn't constantly do the ****ing ******* %#$#$%! barrel rolls that the stock AI does when you're on their tail. They could maybe try to evade you a little better--something they like to do is dive a bit then fly straight up which kills their speed and puts them on a platter... but they do still force you to be smart how you chase them. Some modded AI planes are pretty ridiculous though, like I-16's which will keep weaving back and forth over and over which makes them very hard to hit, I wish that had been toned down a bit for the I-16.

    Also your wingmen seem a bit less stupid and prone to uselessly allowing themselves to be constantly tailed. I can't remember if I've seen one lose control with no damage but I've seen them do all kinds of things...it is pretty common to hit a plane a bit and damage it and it's still flying and seems fine, then you get into a close chase and you see him go out of control after a certain point.
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    I had one of those WOW! moments flying against the modded 4.09 AI too. I had a 190 pass left to right in front of me at maybe half mile. I had some altitude on him so I was catching up pretty fast. Like a rookie I chopped my throttle to keep from over shooting and promptly lost my speed advantage. He must have seen me coming as he was pulling up and away from me as I slid in behind. I crammed my throttle through the gate to get back into range.

    Slowly gaining on him, I fire a couple of short bursts without effect. Then the Fw pilot broke down and left. I thought it was the familiar barrel roll, but no, he reversed his roll and started a steep climb. After about a 1500 foot climb, I caught him with a solid burst just as he began to level out. Streaming a thin vapor trail, the 190 seemed to slow. Continuing to close, I fired again getting more strkes. Heavier smoke streamed now, I fired again getting hits from wingtip to wingtip. Heavy, dense engine smoke marked what I thought was a kill.

    This is where it gets good. He kinda slow snap rolled down and to the right, not once, but twice. Through the second snap I hit him a third time. Going nearly vertical, he snapped really hard again to the right. I knew this was a sure kill. I've seen it too many times. Imagine my shock as he pulled out very very low heading toward a small village.

    He was pulling a long trail of dense smoke as he struggled toward the village. I still had altitude so I dove on him from his port side but as I closed my aim was off, missing him completely. Using my speed I peeled up and over and lined up again as he crossed a river. Diving again from maybe two thousand, I nailed him just as he made the opposite bank, lighting up his fuel tank.

    My speed was building as I leveled out just feet off the ground. As I pulled abreast of him, I saw his prop touch the ground, wind milling. He held it off the ground long enough to bleed off airspeed and made the prettiest crash landing I've seen an AI pilot ever make. He slid to a stop, popped the hood and ran toward the village.

    I circled a couple of times, admiring the view and marveling at what just happened. I think it might have been the most impressive AI pilot I ever ran into in all the years of flying IL2. If only you could get that feeling more often from the AI. Still, after watching the ntrk several times, I'm pretty impressed by "his" flying. I only hope Oleg continues to evolve the AI in CoD.
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