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    I finally am making enough $ for some of it to be spent on my PC. I wish to up grade it so as to better play MP online games. Any suggestions would be greatly noted!

    What should I up grade first? My specs are as follows>

    SoundBlaster Live 5.1 with speakers
    GeForce FX 5600 256MB AGP (Asylum) video card
    MS KT4V Mother Board
    512 (266) memory
    AMD ATH 2000XP (1.3)

    As a side note: My DVD will not play movies any more and the A drive does not work...will not even light up.

    So, I need to both up grade and have my DvD and A (floppy) drive looked at.

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    How much money are we talking here?

    First impression, turn this one into a server/internet rig and start from scratch.
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    To figure out what to upgrade and when, I'd take a look at Luckyboy's Guide For Complete Users.

    Beyond that, I'd post my diagnosis in Community Help forum and ask for advice there. Asking for upgrade advice in the General forum makes me suspect folks are looking for external validation to their belief system rather than upgrade solutions.
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