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    I playing assassin creed with my com spec E6750, 8800 GTS with driver 169.21, ram 2 GB, windows xp pro sp2. After I play it about 10 - 20 min game freeze, my com freeze I can't do anything
    with it and it have continue sound.
    What cause it & how to fix
    Please tell me, Help!
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    What are your temps(GPU) Google GPUz use the sensors. It's free, light on resources, and fairly accurate. What is the brand name, and wattage of PSU?
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    I had the same problems. After hours of trying different things I decided to re-install older video drivers 163.71 and have not had a problem since, I have played the game for hours on end.

    Hope this may help as I know how frustrating it can be!!
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    Try updating to the beta drivers on Nvidia's site. You can see from my specs I have Nvidias but they run just fine.
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    Thanks to all you guys. Now Ican play it with 174.74 nvidia beta driver ^^
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