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    I recently thought about this quite a bit: that whereas originally abilities seemed to be intended as a sort of addition to the gameplay, they have instead become the main substance.

    For example, suppose I'm hunting my target. Now, Ubisoft originally advocated careful observation and planning to determine exactly who they are -- very assassin-like. Jump forward to what it's ACTUALLY like, and we just have people mostly using firecrackers or (more often) templar vision.

    This seems to ruin the point. Why should I bother blending into the crowd if my pursuer can just use templar vision to pick me out? Manhunt is worst affected: the attackers all choose templar vision and firecrackers and guns, and the defenders all choose morph and smokebomb and disguise. These abilities just negate each other and basically remove a lot of skill. As a defender, hiding just requires a press of the "morph" button. As an attacker, finding my target just requires a press of the "templar vision" button.

    I find myself wanting a purer approach.

    And so here is the idea: a game mode in which all abilities (possibly including perks and/or streaks) are removed. That way you can play wanted, alliance, manhunt, and chest capture in a way more dependent on assassin skills.

    I think having this option would be great, not least because it would make you focus more on the "cat-and-mouse" original premise rather than the ability-fest the game had become.

    (Don't get me wrong: I really like the abilities. If anything, I would like more to choose from as well. But there are times when I'd like to go back to the basics. I know I can just choose not to use abilities, but that doesn't stop my opponents.)
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    Please post this here-
    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood feedback thread.

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