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    Does anyone here fly this plane regularly?I VERY recently got into flying it and was wondering could give me any tips on how to effectively fly her well in combat?

    I just can't seem to figure how far I can push it before it goes into a snap roll.
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    Simple. Dont turn. F4U is not a turn fighter, but a B&Z aircraft. It has almost 100MPH more top speed then its main competitor, the A6M, so use it. The F4U is well within the 400MPH club, and no Japanese aircraft are. Well maybe the Ki-84 but I doubt any Ki-84's ever made it to 400MPH without braking something in real life
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    So are there any difference's between the F4U and the Corsair?At a glance it seems that the Corsair has clipped wing ends,while the F4U's are slightly rounded.
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    The "Corsairs" were the F4Us provided to the Royal Navy and the New Zealand Navy. They have clipped wings because the carrier decks of these forces were heavily armoured and the fighters would not fit in their hanger bays when the wings were folded. Pilots who flew the clipped wing models noted a slight increase in rate of roll but performance otherwise was about the same to the standard F4U.

    When you're in the U-bird, always stay above the main battle. When an engagement begins, concentrate on gaining altitude and a favorable position from which to attack. When you have a target, dive through the battle concentrating on that one target. Japanese planes can disappear in a flash and its tempting to try and barrel roll or snap roll with them but definitely don't. At the speed you should be flying, you'll black out quickly and will find yourself with a big red meatball right on your tail. After the high speed pass climb away and prepare for another attack.

    Never let your speed drop below 200mph and avoid turn combat like the plague. Don't use the cowel flaps, they don't cool the engine (its a bug) and leave your throttle at about 95% while in combat. Use the remaining power band as emergency power only to avoid overheat. Visibility is poor so be s-turning regularly in hostile areas to avoid being bounced. If you get a bandit on your six, diving is always a good idea but remember to reduce prop pitch or your engine will act like a giant speed break. High speed scissors also works well against zeros because the effectiveness of their ailerons drops off significantly at around 250mph.
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    It's a nice ride. I suggest not to take 25% fuel, as then you will be able to do maneuvers that are quite impressive for a plane of this size. For a long time i used 25% and i often found myself turning with 84s (and often winning). Still, F4U is not a turn fighter. I feel that in high speeds it turns well but once it gets slower it won't turn anywhere. best is to use BnZ and stay alive. In a shallow climb, while making a gentle turn at the same time, you can outrun the 84 and drag him high.

    The altitude performance of F4U is great. Propably not as great as P51, but real close. There's no japanese plane that can match it up high.
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    Not much to add with the Corsair. Only turn when you're fast...say about 400kph and higher. Use diving attacks on the target to shoot and then pull away and reposition for another attack.

    The Corsair is not a turn fighter but its large wings mean you can sustain a very good turn for a short period provided you have lots of energy moving into the turn.

    Its also the most capable fighter-bomber we've got with its various loadouts including 4000lbs of bombs (1x2000lb and 2x1000lb loadout) and Tiny Tim rockets. You can sink carriers with those kinds of loadouts.
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    Both the Hellcat & Corsair are underpowered especially during take off.
    The Corsair is about 10mph too slow at sea level speed and with the engine overheating so rapidly allows the Ki84 to run it down at will on the deck. Try accelerating with a warm/hot Corsair engine from 250mph past 310mph IAS-straight and narrow speed run back to the carrier.

    Both F6F & F4U engine overheats quickly & the airframe bleeds energy too rapidly.

    The stall & turn charectoristics of the Hellcat are both off and need to be improved--per actual real life Hellcat pilot. There was complaints when PF came out that stalls were too gentle on these Navy fighters and when adjustments were made unfortunately too much trimming occured in several areas.

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    The corsair is the worst of the worst wobblers in the game...don't know why it is, but it is.

    Therefore, I suggest tracking shots only. If an opponent knows you are there and starts jinking, don't jink with him...either climb or pick a spot where you thing he will be and fire small bursts. Hopefully Oleg will address this in the future, but who knows.
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    up high do whatever u want as most japanease planes have frozen controls, compressability or stalling!, such a joy to fly

    u can turn and burn abit tho

    i dont think the wobble is too bad actully...

    while the USN arent as good as they should be, only the ki84 is equalish

    3.00 FM was a joke
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    There are few servers where u can find aces who really can fly F4U. They can turn on the dime against Spit, YAK, AM or LA. Here are the servers on HyperLobby: Aerial_Thunder, STE_Server.
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