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    Hey all! im back once again with 1946, and i think im almost ready to go online. ive been a spitfreak for a good long time now and i cant seem to choose between the LF Mk.IX (+25 lb boost) and the Spitfire LF Mk.V. The IX seems to draw fuel quite quickly and the LF V seems to climb almost as well as a Mk.VIII, but the V has better turning. The only disadvantage really is its ammo, but that's really not too much of an actual performance defficiency.

    Now, with my relatively bad accuracy, it becomes a defficiency. But what should i fly... that Mk.IX, or the Mk.V? What's a good convergence setting? i tend not to fire all my guns at once, so the MG convergence isnt as important.

    Thanks once again!
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    With spits, I always have the same 100% fuel. Just because it burns it fairly quickly. I set my convergence at no more then 150 metres. With this, a normal fighter should fit its entire wingspan in the round of your gunsight. This is fairly close indeed.

    I use machine guns for snapshots. Or sometimes 'scaring' the enemy, forcing him to make stupid manouevres wich eats away his energy. (wich is good for me) This works for both huma players and sometimes AI as well. When I have a clear shot and I am fairly sure that I am going to hit him, I fire my machine guns and cannons together.

    But all in all, you should just try to practice more and more. This is the only way to get really good at it.
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    Convergence is really a personal thing. I go from 150 -200 (usually 200). But it all depends on how you fly and when you like to shoot. Experiment offline.
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