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    I've noticed that not all the USAAF fighters have nose art available. Is there any plans to fix this?

    Aircraft that I've noticed without nose art are:
    P-39 all
    P-40B & C
    P-47 10 & 22
    P-51B & C
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    Well, that's coz these aircraft rarely, if ever had noseart on them.

    But have you also noticed that you can only have noseart on yer aircraft if you are wearing USAAF, USMC or USN markings???? Now THAT sux the big one!!!
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    I know. I hope in the add-on or at least BOB, they have noseart as an option to EVERY flyable aircraft. I know it's not historically accurate for some air forces, but online some guys might just like to personalize their bird even if it's, say, a 109, 190 or La-7.
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    Well, I don't mind not having noseart on certain aircraft, if noseart was not prevalent on those aircraft (although having the option for all aircraft would rock!!!), but I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to restrict the feature to only one nation, especially considering it's the exact same aircraft!!!

    But we shall see.
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