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    Here's my map thus far, since I like sharing screenshots like Molinaro did:
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    Hello guys-who-are-playing-with-triggers (hmmm sounds triggerhappy?)

    I have a question for you on behalf of some other people.
    In stronghold campaign map 3, Barbarous Seven, can you find the trigger for Mukao, the 'endHero' to appear?
    It seems for some people he just doesn't appear within a year, which makes the map extremely boring/unplayable.

    Link to thread: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...441033759#5441033759

    Thanks guys!
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    Mukao is triggered to come out once the AI hero Kenage is killed.
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    Originally posted by mikkelgro:
    @molinaro, what's the name of that gate you used in your map? Is it a necro town gate? How did you set up the triggers for opening it upon completing the quest? Cheers!

    @kirstgod, thanks for that. I knew it was the _endBattleInVictory, but I think you need a test first for whether all windows/dialogues are closed which is called _isAllWindowHidden. If that returns True, a pAction with the _endBattle.. can be set to True after. This may not be necessary, but would be a much nicer way of doing it I think.
    Here's what I have in my triggers so far.

    Image 1 shows:


    Prove Your Worth
    - this is the quest and it has 2 objectives and a reward of 30,000 gold


    - currently I only have 100 skeletons on the map tied to the quest, so for now the goal is set to 100
    - when skeletons are killed you get the little text popup in game showing your total killed so far (like the necro quest to gather 1000 skeletons into your army)

    - Nothing happens automatically with this objective, I have to manual set it to accomplished

    On Game Start:

    - here I will define variable names for any gates I place on the map

    - at the start, gates are set to be closed

    Image 2 shows:

    Event Trigger:

    - This points to a stack of skeletons on the map. They are a stack of 50, set to not grow each week. Once killed this event will add 50 to the counter keeping track of how many have been killed so far.
    - It checks if 100 (later it will be 1000 once more of map is done) are killed, and if so, triggers the event: Show_Inheritance_Gate_Open after a 2s delay

    - each stack of skeletons on the map will be tied into the quest with it's own trigger like this one

    - This is set with bInitiallyOn to false, because I only want it to trigger when my kill count is 100 and I manually trigger the event.
    - It moves the camera to the gate, with a 2s travel time for the pan.
    - It triggers the event that actually opens the gate, after a 2s delay, so that you see it open after the camera pans over to it.

    - This changes the gate state to open

    - For now this is a kludge. It works, but not the way I want it to work.
    - It sets the 2nd objective to accomplished as soon as you pickup any pile of gold on the map. For now the only piles of gold on the map are behind the gate. The completion of that objective automatically triggers the quest completion and you get your 30,000 gold.

    I've been trying to use a location detection for when the player is standing next to the gold but I have not been able to get it to work yet. I see in the campaign missions where a location check is done against a location variable and I see where the location variable is given a name, but I cannot for the life of me find where the location variable is associated with map coordinates or anything of the like.

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    This is really nice, I like the clean set up of your variables and events. Sweet!

    As for the locations you were trying to figure out, first you need to create a location like you do with start locations. Rename it from the default 'mapLocation <coordinates>' to f.ex. loc_pileOfGold. I recommend making a loc about 2 in diameter and not right on top of the gold but next to it. Then use the condition _isEntityInLocation and in the location variable field (Can'r recall the name) type in the loc_pileOfGold loc name. I've used this for triggering events and that works so I'm assuming it'll do that with _isEntityInLocation too.

    Thanks for the great idea with images of the trigger editor setup. Smart and best way to explain something.
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    Forgot to add that with _isEntityInLocation, in eid you select your hero (the entity), though I'm sure you already knew that. :P
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    As for the locations you were trying to figure out, first you need to create a location like you do with start locations. Rename it from the default 'mapLocation <coordinates>' to f.ex. loc_pileOfGold.
    I have not been able to figure this out. Do you mean create it like this:

    I have that done but I can't figure out how to rename it or tie it to a location variable.

    Please explain it assuming I know nothing
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    Yes, and also yes to the renaming since I struggled with that too. Just click the name, wait a sec and it should go into renaming mode. It may be necessary to double-click it but I can't remember. In anyway, it works so don't give up.
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    Can you post a small screenshot of the conditionC_isEntityInLocation in the trigger ed so I can see all the input fields?
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    I got it working now with the location test.

    I have the location test in the Trigger field of the quest objective definition, so I don't need the entry in Event Trigger: Inheritance_Gold_Pickup.

    I added a location variable to my variables section in On Game Start that is set equal to the location name I was finally able to set in the editor. It is a single click to rename, but for some reason when I was trying earlier I could not get it to let me rename it.

    Although I just noticed something that is not working and I have no idea why.

    When the quest completes I get a popup saying 30,000 gold but it does not actually add it to my gold!

    I have to figure that one out. Also, I'm not getting the little notice to popup when the quest is assigned to the player "new quest..."

    I'm going to see how that is done also.

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