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    the map editor is pretty easy to use... the basics! just take yourself some time for it. most people don't even try it 10 minutes and say its complicated. for those: go buy yourself a tamagotchi.

    two question from my side:

    - is the version delivered, the version that was used from the game developers? can't believe someone codes a more nasty ui. for example: can't use the mouse wheel in edit window. wtf? the drag scrolling makes me ill.

    haha. another question

    - how to place a bridge (or entity), a hero can walk over? i just made a river and have no idea how to config the bridge so a hero can pass it.
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    Just release a random map generator please. That is what won me over in HOMM3. Wont buy this one unless it has one.
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    Originally posted by MrSavarius:
    I also installed heroes VI via steam, and is unable to find the editor. I've tried searching for the "editor.exe", but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone here able to help?
    yeah i found my editor, i have steam heroes VI find the folder SteamApps, go to the folder Common, find heroes VI folder, in that folder an application is named Editor, that is your exe file your looking for
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    They finally released a kind of tutorial for the Editor Have fun reading!

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    Thanks. I worked through the first few pages trying things out in the Editor as I went. It answers a lot of questions I had. I couldn't get anywhere on my own.
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    Thanks Black Hole for that quickstart guide, it helps tremendously. Also cheers to zalirfox for the heads up.
    Now the only two things missing in terms of map editing, are the actual complete help file and some map examples (.scn files) that we can use for reference and inspiration. The latter should be easy to provide I gather. Hint?

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    Still have no idea, how to build a proper bridge, or an entity a hero can walk over. Tried like everything.

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    This looks alot easier to use than the H5 one. I can't wait to get the game!!
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    The new map editor...hmm what to say...

    I used the old editor very much and made quite some detailed maps..but this new one...it seems you need a master degree in some advanced technology program to manage this editor...

    I used the first 15 min. in finding out how to get some water into the bloody map...and I even have the quick guide with me...

    this editor is just too damn complicated...

    Pls ubisoft if you want us hardcore heroes gamers to make maps in this game make the editor more user friendly... not some only an employee at your company could understand...
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    I concur with the editor being more complicated than in previous instalments of Heroes, but I think this is mostly due to the increased variation of the graphics in the game itself.

    Try comparing this editor to any 3D animation/modelling package like Maya, Softimage or Max and you'll soon see how complicated those would appear for someone who has never used tools like those before. It takes time to learn, but you will do that eventually and when you do, you'll probably enjoy creating H6 maps just as much with H5, H4 and older. Just forget what you know from those versions and rather focus on the map you wish to create itself. How should it look, what's the theme, what's the plot of the scenario etc. Then create that layer by layer. Start simple with the foundation and add levels of detail as you learn more how to use the editor.

    My 2c and good luck!
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