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    i got the Assassins Creed Brotherhood "Codex Edition" for xmas but cant seem to find a way
    to convert the codes given to usable codes for the Playstation Store..

    the Playstation store has 3 boxes for the unlock code for the special bonus downloads for AC3 Brotherhood and the codes that came with the game dont fit inside the 3 box's the PSN redeem as the codes that came with the game are to are to long..

    i have registered with ubisoft as per instructions but i still can't find a way to redeem these codes

    pls help!
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    You redeem them inside the game.

    Go to Extras on the main menu and submit the code in the Exclusive Content section.
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    it seems to want to download an 33MB is there a way i can download this using my PC? not sure if the download supports resume... thanks!
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