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    Hi all..

    I recently did a reformat after i bought the Complete Edition.

    Now, when i fly any of the LA series of planes, theres no ammo. Is this a bug, or what? I did 2 complete uninstalls and still get no ammo. Kinda sucks, the LA series is one of my favorites. This happens online, single player, campaigns, etc.

    And yes, i made sure the ammo selection was on default, not empty.

    Anybody know how i can fix it ? Thnks
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    Not just missed to assign the cannon to a button? (since it only uses cannon (weap 2))
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    What Xallo said, La series have only cannon, not MG so you'll need to use the cannon button (designated "Weapon 2" in the game controls screen) to fire the guns.
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    Heck yeah.. i forgot to assign the button. Dont I feel like a goof..
    Anyway, thanks guys for the input.
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    LOL too, i am envious of all the lucky people who flew against you online, while testing this problem...
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    LOL.. Ive done some stupid things in my life.. I guess we all have, but not to realize i had to redo some of the settings again.. god almighty... lol
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