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    I don't know if this would be so easy while using use3renders=1, but how about using three projectors instead of three lcd monitors, that way you can get rid of the gaps where the monitor bezel would be?
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    IMO TIR on a widescreen monitor renders triple head obsolete...
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    Unless triple heads with TRACK IR.. I wonder how it would be.
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    Triple head with widescreen could make a triangle around your IR tracked head.

    You might not be able to escape from the game world. But would you want to?
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    I use TIR with the TripleHead2Go, it works great.

    The thing I like about TripleHead2Go is that with the Use3Renders you get a 270 degree FOV.

    When I had used a Widescreen LCD before I only had a 90 degree FOV over the widescreen.

    I have seriously considered trying projectors but I am waiting for SOW to what support it will have for 3renders before I invest any money in this.

    Here are some pics, from the position where I took the picture the wings look like they are out in a V. Kinda like superman flying. But I have built a simpit and when you are sitting in the seat I have the monitors tilted just right so it appears like the wings are on your side. Because the monitors are large enough the wings do not appear to stick out when you are in the 'focal point'.

    At one point I thought about removing the monitor cases to get the screens closer together but I found I do not even notice the sides. It funny the tricks your eyes can play on you... when I'm flying I fell like I have an uninterrupted view with peripheral vision.

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    Do you really need TrackIR if you can simply move your own head to view a different monitor?

    I suppose the rear view is still necessary.

    I wish I didn't own 3 monitors, I feel another expensive purchase coming up (TrippleHead2Go).

    Does anyone know if it's easy to switch the computer-source to a monitor? I have one monitor connected to my older computer, which I need to keep connected there for working with photos/enhancements etc. I mean I would have to connect that monitor so I could use it on (switch between) both my computers if I were to use it as one of 3 monitors for TrippleHead2Go.
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    Yes, I still need the TIR to look down at the gauges, look up and behind when checking six, etc.

    Flying formations and taxiing around also seem easier.

    I found the extra screen area great for peripheral vision and giving more of an immersive feel. I tried Aces High again recently but I found it hard to get into it because it only supports a single monitor and looking at a single screen without the side screen I felt like I was looking through a straw and it didn't seem as immersive to me.
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    Here's a thread I started a while back much along this line...

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    I just can't stand those wings pointing forward... I rather suffer from tunnel vision
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    Originally posted by F19_Orheim:
    I just can't stand those wings pointing forward... I rather suffer from tunnel vision
    I agree. Does anyone have a picture of a setup with the monitors angled further inwards?
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