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    Xfire is a program that tracks online time and has some nice features for finding players.

    They used to support FB but somewhere along the line it stopped working and when I requested they fix it and stop playing WoW, this was the response:


    Listen man...

    IL-2 is probably #108 on our "Top games played" list. I think it's right below Party Poker.

    WoW is usually #1 or 2 .. Shocked

    So I'm going to move this thread on over to our "New Games" forum and you can talk to Bazman about adding support for IL-2 expansion packs.

    (stop playing WoW he says..pfft)

    :End Quote

    It's been pointed out that the tracking system they are using must be porked, since FB:AEP:PF is a highly played game, online and offline.

    Could you please spend a minute and post on the topic to get them to continue supporting us.

    Here is the link and thank you in advance:

    Game Support Link to Xfire


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    You haven't provided the link.

    [edit] OK now you have
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    Had to edit it to make it work. Thanks.
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