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    this is prob a stupid question but i can seem to exchange my primary weapon. i have a hammer i want a sword. when i pick up a sword i sheath my hammer. when i hit right on d-pad, i drop my sword and pull out the hammer. i dont want this hammer. how do i get rid of this hammer?!
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    Buy a sword. if you have a sword, but its not equipped, go to the villa and find the weapon racks. go over to the sword rack and equip the wanted sword.
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    so you change your primary weapon while out in the world?
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    buy a new sword or go to the Villa and go to the weapons room and pick out your sword
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    How do I un-equip a sword completely, because I want to go unarmed and disarm my enemies it's more assassin like. I go into the inventory menu, I can't do it, I can't do it from the weapons racks in the villa and I can't think of anything else. Can someone help?
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    You cannot unequip anything in this game. You can only swap weapons and armor with other types at the villa (or when initially purchasing them).

    The only way to go without a sword is to have a Brute type guard use his special disarm move on you, which they do not use very often.
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