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    I tried to download GreyWolves to my EMEA DVD but it did not work all I got was a mega crash.
    I think the best Add-on option for Europe is SeaWolves @ Play.com.
    I think its cool anyway.
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    you did what?... ..please explain what you did clearly ...
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    You down loaded the mod to your SH3 DVD?

    i think somebody messed up.....

    Explain what you did as Blunkerrat suggested maybe we can help you get GW working.
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    Sorry my mistake I should have explained!
    My game is on EMEA DVD disc.
    When I downloaded GreyWolves it would not play because Europe and USA DVD's use a different format for playback.
    I must say that I think SeaWolves is a better mod in my opinion.
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    I've been playing SHIII for about a year now. The last two months I installed RUB and enjoyed some of the tweaks but it didn't change the experience from the stock install. However, yesterday I installed Greywolves 1.1.

    I can tell you my enthusiasm for this game has been given a gigantic boost!

    On my first encounter off the east coast of england was a simple tramp merchant. Decided it wasn't worth a torpedo so went at it with the deck gun.

    After about 10 minutes of game time here comes a pt boat to the rescue. I was still experiementing so I decided to duel it out with the pt boat. Four direct hits with HE later he turns tail and speeds away at 17 knots spewing fire both fore and aft (damaged but not fatally).

    I think now, to finish the tramp! Ha, my plans were interrupted again! Two V&W Destroyers on the horizon and shelling the area from long range!

    The situation is becoming untenable, so I submerge get off an aft tube shot at the tramp, drop to 40 meters, silent running and 2 knots speed east to get to deeper water.

    Boom, the tramp finally becomes scrap metal. Boom Boom Boom, the destroyers are hot on my tail. They don't let up for 3 HOURS!!! I'm sweating, cursing, and enjoying every minute of the escape.

    In retrospect, it definately wasn't worth going after the tramp for just 2,000 tons. However, the improved AI behavior, the new graphic skins, overlays, music, and everything else I experienced in that encounter have recharged my batteries to 100%!

    My hats off to all involved in this supermod! I can't wait to get back to sea and see what else this has to offer!
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    Does the Grey Wolves mod incorporate the NYGM Tonnage War sinking model; you know, the one where you must sink enemy ships by flooding as compared to the regular damage model whereby you sink ships by inflicting X number of hit points to sink?
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    k61...yes it does..as well as a few other option mods...
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    Guess I'll have to download it and give it a try. Thanks for the info.
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    A supermod for Ubisoft's Silent Hunter III



    Inclusions in The Grey Wolves v1.1a

    โท Fixed AI U-boat overlay and missing SH3 map

    Inclusions in The Grey Wolves v1.1

    โท Added Periscope TGA Hi-res fix by Mkubani and JonZ

    โท Corrected Sub availability dates for 2nd and 7th Flotillas-JSCones

    โท Re-worked player rank and medals requirements

    โท Changed Player U-Boat weapon reload times (Undamaged weapon with full crew compartment efficiency)

    โท Added further deck gun stability changes for more realistic gun movement and crew accuracy effects by Cdre Gibs

    โท Increased Shell Power by approximately 33% for both the 105mm and 88mm deck guns

    โท Reduced some terrain resolution and substituted terrain graphics from Kriller2's Terrain mod version 2.0- This should help with FPS in harbors and near land and in many cases actually looks BETTER than some of the high resolution versions I've seen.

    โท Corrected broken "Submarine blowing ballast" via the use of Ogg Vorbis speech file blending- Unknown modder

    โท Added vonHelsching's Real Battery Life mod for GW- see the readme... wonderful mod!

    โท Added Armed Trawler corrected damage model- Der Teddy Bรยคr

    โท Added "Blow Ballast" Ogg Vorbis speech files- DocAguirre (This was a bugged/broken sound in stock SH3. Now instead of silence you will hear the sound of your officer confirming your order to blow ballast followed by the sound of compressed air forcing out the ballast water.)

    โท Clean Confirmation Window by Tikigod

    โท Reduced all high resolution flag TGA sizes with intent to assist harbor/port framerates- Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Added KptLt Erich Karl's Navimap datasheet mod

    โท Fixed 1024 Cfg Leer TGA file failure- JCWolf

    โท Added JCWolf's version of Manuel Ortega's Leer TGA file showing Sailor Steve's feet

    โท Added JonZ Improved Ship Recognition Book Mod

    Inclusions in The Grey Wolves v1.0


    โท 8 Kilometer Default Atmosphere Visibility mod

    โท All New Primary Interface and Loading Screens By Marhkimov

    โท All New Periscope Background movie by CCIP

    โท All currently available player AND AI U-boat cablefixes by FlakWalker

    โท Type VIIB bow flag pole removed- Flakwalker

    โท ALL Player U-Boat Skins- Fubar

    โท AI U-Boat skins- Fubar

    โท Transparent torpedo loadscreen-FLB Sale U-999

    โท New Officer Icons Non-Language Dependant-Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Better looking bananas :O) Tikigod

    โท Added Type 941's Home-Fleet British BB, CL, and Fleet Carrier

    โท Added Pinup girls- Tikigod, Kpt. Lehmann

    โท New Realistic Dolphin Texture-Tikigod

    โท Various Ship Skins- Marhkimov, Iambecomelife, Type-941, Sergbuto, Juju, Pascal

    โท Military and Merchant Mods by Juju

    โท Multiple Ship Skin Mods-Sergbuto

    โท Aircraft Skins- Brando, Macstu23

    โท Scharnhorst Battle Cruiser- Gerome_73

    โท British PT Elco and pilot/driver added- Sergbuto

    โท Tirpitz Battleship - Model by Cdre Gibs, Skin by Type941

    โท Type 1936A (M) DD - Model Cdre Gibs, Multiskin based on Sergbuto's Work.

    โท Voorpostenboot- Model + Skin Cdre Gibs

    โท USS Essex CV - Model + Skin Cdre Gibs

    โท Flottenbegleiter DE- Cmdr 1980

    โท Hospital Ship- Iambecomelife, Sergbuto

    โท Southampton Class Cruiser- Sergbuto

    โท New Transport- Sergbuto

    โท New Cargo Ship- Sergbuto

    โท Uflak and other AI Uboats- Sergbuto, Fubar skins, Scripting by Rubini

    โท MAS Torpedo Boat- Noline

    โท Old Liner - Based on Ceramic ship. by Chris 911

    โท Uboat Emblems-Church, Evil Jester

    โท Bordinstrumente Mod-OakGroove with a few correctional tweaks by Marhkimov and Jonz

    โท Slide-out CE Mod w/Bordinstr Tga- Vierkant, Oakgroove, Marhkimov

    โท Sub Upgrades Chart / Technical Tree Screen by Ail

    โท Ail Wakes

    โท Ail Bowspray

    โท Marhkimov's Supersmoke

    โท High Res Flags for all countries- Pablo, Marhkimov.

    โท Torpedo Textures-Marhkimov, Cdr Gibs

    โท Crew Textures- Totenkopf, Marhkimov

    โท Better looking Nurses and dock people- Pascal

    โท New Sun graphic- Marhkimov (Nvidia Friendly too!)

    โท Camera's Dat file- Marhkimov

    โท Binocular Crosshairs removed- Marhkimov

    โท Rubini's F1 Help Screen (Some small tweaks by Kpt. Lehmann and Marhkimov)

    โท Several Changes to the 1024 Cfg for the Colorblind- Rubini, Marhkimov

    โท Lighthouse Texture-donots76

    โท Better Damage Textures- EFileTahi-A, Marhkimov

    โท Better Dolphin Textures-Tikigod

    โท Hafenkrรยคne 1.1 high-res crane by donots

    โท Portions of Konrad Krumm's Colored Office- Konrad Krumm and Knox

    โท Pascal's DC Explosions

    โท Navi-Map mod- FLB Sale9999

    โท Sunken Barricade Ships- Ref, with special thanks to Rubini and Der Teddy Bรยคr

    โท Moveable Chronometer Mod by Jonz


    โท German Translation of in-game content by NippelSpanner

    โท German Radio Message files from JGS4PIPS ... thanks also to NippelSpanner for additional translation of new GW campaign operational messages.

    โท de_menu German Text corrections by NippelSpanner

    โท English Radio Message Files by Irishred, Sniper1, Rubini, Sansal

    โท Changed Number of Days in Base to prevent same patrol grid re-assignment

    โท Corrected snorkel depths based on research by Syxx-Killer and allowing for Jungman's snorkel/AI sensor detection of same.

    โท Re-wrote and added missing year descriptions in career flotilla choice menu- Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Increased Attack Periscope Magnification to x10 to complement the All Grey Contacts mod- Kpt. Lehmann

    โท All Grey Contacts-Kpt. Lehmann with some nice aircraft tweaks by Marhkimov

    โท Re-named every non-hardcoded crewmember name for more variety.- Kpt Lehmann

    โท Leigh Lights Mod-CCIP, CB, and Col7777

    โท Destroyer pinpoint DC drop fix and DD agression modifications -Marhkimov/Kpt. Lehmann based on work by Gouldjg, Redwine, CB, Caspofungin

    โท Destroyer Agression Mod- Redwine, CB, Marhkimov/Kpt. Lehmann based on work by Gouldjg, Redwine, CB,and Caspofungin- This includes the reduction of 75% of all Elite DD and DE Naval units in the SCR and RND campaign layers to "veteran" level crew ratings by Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Deck Gun and AA stability fixes-Cdr Gibs

    โท Reduced deck-gun damage potential-Marhkimov, Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Reload Rates for Deck gun- Kpt Lehmann, Marhkimov

    โท Reload Rates for AA- 5 seconds per barrel- Kpt Lehmann

    โท Airpower Mod- Marhkimov, Kpt. Lehmann, loosely based on work by Jace11

    โท Modified all aircraft that were scripted to carry depth charges to carry bombs instead. It was noted by us that planes carrying DC's would often dive to attack but would fail to drop their ordnance.- Marhkimov

    โท Hurricane Fighter now carries small bombs- Marhkimov

    โท Type XXI U-Boat Radar and Sonar Fixes- Cdr Gibs

    โท 8 hour default and 24 hour optional realtime fatigue models-Gouldjg, with minor tweaks by Kpt Lehmann and Marhkimov.

    โท Crush-Depth Changes by Marhkimov and Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Waves Attenuation Factor changed for more realistic waves-CB

    โท Watch Officer now gives weather report when on surface-Mod by Time-Traveller, Heretic, and Marhkimov

    โท Fixed all known Uboat torpedo loadout problems-Marhkimov

    โท Added Missing TVII Torpedo-Cdr Gibs

    โท U-boat Damage Model- Marhkimov, amalgamation of the Hollywood and Die-Hard Mods by Gouldjg and Jungman respectively.

    โท Ctrl+Enter is now used to fire torpedos... no more accidental firings!-Unknown Modder

    โท Run with Decks Awash Mod- Rulle34

    โท Deck Gun Damage Reduced- Marhkimov, Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Nationality Mod V3- Sergbuto

    โท NYGM Ship Damage Models- Der Teddy Bรยคr

    โท KGV Guns fix- Cdr Gibs

    โท Low Contrast Recognition book pages-Marhkimov, Kpt. Lehmann, Rubini

    โท T2 Torpedo Range Fix- Clive Bradbury

    โท Captain America's awesome Gauge Fixes

    โท C-Class DD fixed, Now has DC racks- Sergbuto

    โท Type IXD2 Range Fix- vonHelsching


    โท Approximately 100 new/old .wav file sounds and Ogg Vorbis Files- largely contributed by Nippelspanner and Representing the work of- Rulle34, Incognito, Nippelspanner, Kpt. Lehmann, Finiteless, Vix, Morhoon, Sailor Steve, Clive Bradbury, KptLt. Erich Karl, Marhkimov, and Hoshi. Thanks for all your hard work guys. I can't list every single sound here, but you have certainly added richness to our SH3 experience.

    โท New Main Theme- "Escape from Mantua" from the movie "Romeo and Juliet" composed by Craig Armstrong, submitted by NippelSpanner

    โท In-Game Music Removed- Kpt. Lehmann, Marhkimov

    โท Re-assigned voice ID#s for all officers- Kpt Lehmann (No more Mickey Mouse or Hulk voices among non-hardcoded crewmen)

    โท Crew Cheers Enabled-Unknown Modder

    โท Subnet Screech fixed- Unknown Modder

    โท Morse Code Message Received mod: Unknown Modder

    โท SDL File By Kpt. Lehmann based on work by Fangschuss and NoLIne

    โท Pre-loaded Gramophone with period music- See GW MOD Version 1.0/data/Sound/Gramophone folder contents for individual artists

    โท Various Speech Files: Rulle34, Sailor Steve, and Hoshi


    โท Added the town of Moltenort and five lighthouses in-game at Moltenort Point in Kiel Bay as a representation of the Moltenort U-Boat Memorial- Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Improved Convoys-JasonB885 with small tweaks by Kpt. Lehmann and Rubini

    โท Lighthouses Mod-Sergbuto

    โท There are 43 functional countries in GW- Rubini: Scripting, Sergbuto's Nationality mod

    โท Uflak and other AI Uboats- Sergbuto, Fubar skins, Scripting by Rubini

    โท Milk Cow Mod-Sansal, Rubini

    โท Kiel Canal terrain update with scenic ride- Ref and CCIP

    โท Panama Canal, Suez Canal, and Eastern entries to Scapa Flow- Ref


    โท Tanker IV Seafloor mod

    โท GW Alternate 24 Hour crew fatigue mod- Gouldjg

    โท Das Boot periscope background movie- W. Clear

    โท No Torpedo TDC Tracking Mod- Church

    โท Generic Ship Contact Mod - Derived from community manual, unknown modder

    โท 8km Atmosphere Mod Dark Skies

    โท 16Km Atmosphere Mod Light Skies

    โท 16Km Atmosphere Mod Dark Skies

    โท Generic Contacts mod- Kpt. Lehmann

    โท Swastika removal

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    Wow, that looks awesome, BR! One last question: can I still use SH3 Commander with this mod? If so, then this sounds like the must-have mod of all time.
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