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    Originally posted by katz_bg:
    The PS3 is by hardware a far better machine....
    not trying to start a flame/console war or anything but, you are wrong there.

    the original specs for ps3 were far better then the 360's but what they actually delivered was so trimmed down that the 360 is better graphically, and while the ps3 has more total processing power, the 360's is more efficient.

    that (and also 360 is easier to develop for apparently) is why most games on both systems look better for 360, not because they were "ported over".

    original xbox had ports of many games that looked better then the original versions, because it had more power that the devs could take advantage of in the port.....ps3 just doesnt have that advantage over 360 that the original had over the others.
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    come on dont start another console war this is about the ps3's version of AC
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