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    So I finished le game....Obviously here it goes.

    The Good


    <LI> The City of Constantinople: Frankly this is the best city they have done yet. I am astounded by the scale and the detail present in virtual Istanbul. The Architecture is magnificent (I was studying Architecture before moving into games...and it was a treat to see buildings I read about and studied). From Western building faces to the Asian domes....Istanbul is quite a sight. It really does feel like the melting pot it was. Being Indian, Istanbul in ACR was the closest I have come to seeing a historical representation of how a city in my Nation would be (Delhi in mind).
    The City feels vibrant and is VERY colourful...you have blues, greens, indigos and people wearing elaborate clothes and intricate patterns, you have bustling bazaars and people going about their daily lives, you have squatters, folks enjoying a picnic, couples in corners....The city really feels alive MORE than the previous ones....and we all know how 'Alive' they were (they were awesome)
    They also have implemented a spanking new particle/smoke system it seems and you really feel the difference....frickin gorgeous.
    The evening mist rolls across the city as night settles in, the day brings with it a dusty screen over Istanbul, there are Incense lamps burning around, the caves are dark and hazy....the Game looks amazing.

    <LI>The Brotherhood: Although ACB is credited with introducing the Brotherhood....it is completely realized in ACR. The Assassins have a more interesting backstory now and you now have to complete 'Master Assassin' missions with your High level Assassins. This is a great addition. You now have an OPERATIONAL HISTORY with these folks and every time you call them in action...it feels great..YOU recruited them...YOU trained them and you have full confidence in them now. Excellent.
    It is a great joy to infiltrate compounds in a stealthy manner...using your Assassins to quietly take out sentries.
    It is perhaps my most favourite Aspect of the game now. Being part of a stealthy Ninja squad..you lissenin Ubi Toronto...stealth feels AWESOME when you have someone to share it with
    (Bot SC agents you can control is what I'm hinting at)
    Also the contracts are now more fleshed out and you now can actually capture and control cities by fulfilling contracts and undermining Templar influence. It actually feels more like a global covert war now----> Excellent

    <LI>Bombs: A nifty addition which opens up even more options i.e. you can mind**** the guards in new and interesting ways. It adds tactical diversity and gives freedom...so Thumbs up.

    <LI> Usual AC goodness: The same awesome Run-Climb-Assassinate gameplay is still present and it still is brilliant. Nothing is as fun as infiltrating a compound using the variety of approaches. The formula is still fun and still makes this game extremely enjoyable...which is saying something considering this is the 4th game and the mechanics are identical.

    <LI> Yusuf Tanzim: I love this guy...so Irreverant, yet friendly. He comes off initially as a bit of a ***** ("Ezio Auditore da la la la) but has some well written and well acted scenes. He is smart, funny, capable and a joy to hang around. He often chucks these subtle barbs at Ezio (Which Ezio, befitting his age, ignores) and you can feel that Yusuf is a teeny bit apprehensive and (maybe?) jealous. But still he comes through and rises above petty nonsense and you'll find a great ally in him.

    The Bad

    <LI> Still no Stealth options: There are several factors which contribute to this feeling of a stunted stealth system...first off the AI is mentally challenged...not exaggerating...if you had an AI doctor and he/she were to examine ACRs AI...the AI would be clinically classified as MENTALLY CHALLENGED. Short LOS, no memory, deafness etc. all mar the otherwise fine stealth gameplay. Furthermore the Armour not affecting your stealth rating is a real downer as it totally destroys immersion. The first game had a great balance...a Distinct and cool outfit with minimal armour to make it a plausible crowd blending attire...but the series progressively has ditched the 'Invisible Assassin' in favour of the 'Heavily Armed Warrior-Knight' look. I dont mind that the armour doesn't affect stealth...but at least allow us to remove. The Ability to crouch is also missed but it still is a minor gripe.

    The stealth feels MOST awkward when in the Platforming/Tomb Raider missions (looking for the keys) where there are no crowds or vertical advantages which allow a believable stealth experience. What I mean is, given the dumb AI, it feels super arcadey playing these sections stealthily...Compared to the open world ones...where the mobile crowds and the social/vertical stealth fit in with the gameplay as it feels natural and plausible when Guards miss you in a city block full of people..but the "Social Stealth" (the core of AC and which it does a good job emulating) is absent in these sections and it shows.
    These sections require classic Stealth mechanics- Crouch, Cover, Shadows, Proper AI LOS/Hearing, Speed control, etc. But the existing mechanics dont give us much. This leads to me using Arcadey and unbelievable tactics which I dislike.

    <LI> The Tomb Raider missions: This is more of a personal observation but these missions of exploring tombs and **** is ****ing me off. Yeah Ubisoft...the AC games have the potential for platforming awesomeness...but the fact is that platforming in AC is PLayer based and is fun because it is not scripted AND ties in with the core gameplay. The things is the three pillars of the game (climbing, stealth, combat) make sense when blended together...alone they standout as hollow. The freedom is gone. The sections themselves are uninteresting and unimaginative..standard platforming fare. Just let us get back to being Assassins thank you.

    <LI> Den Defence: Crap. Yeah....thats it...Crap. Its just so meh. I honestly can't give enough of a **** about it to even criticise it. It just felt tacked on and meaningless. Crap. Here I'll embolden it just for emphasis CRAP

    <LI> Exotic gameplay: More of the Flying in parachutes, burning ships crap. Yeah focus on the AI please before dropping me in a chariot race. These were so mediocre and were there JUST for the 'Michael Bay' Ooh moments....which failed. **** off with this crap.
    You what is 'ooh' Infiltrating a heavily guarded area and assassinating a target AKA "CORE AC GAMEPLAY" Not parasailing.

    <LI> The Plot: My biggest gripe....The previous games had a momentum to them, a sense of urgency and importance. Their was a gravity to the situations Ezio faced. Altair had to kill 9 targets in a quest for redemption and truth, Ezio was in a fight to avenge his family and remove the corrupt yolk of the Templars from Italy and rebuild the Assassin order. But in Revelations....nah...no such...gravitas. Ezio is old and looking for keys...ok...any targets to assassinate? nope. Should I hurry to get theses Keys? Nah...they can wait...LOOK A TOMB!! Ummmkkkkayyy.
    Seriously, the plot really didn't do it for me. It was more of an excuse to drop Ezio in Istanbul. Why does Ezio want the keys? Why this sudden search for the truth? Mid-life crisis? A need to explore his roots? A clue towards the next piece of Eden? This is never explained. I would have preferred if they had a small background to show as to why the **** Ezio had travelled all the wau from Ital y to Masyaf....why was he COMPELLED? Its not like he KNEW the Templars wanted it.

    It would have been great if they could have shown Ezio as a tired old vet, everything in order in Rome, but he is compelled to search for the origins as he reads through the History of the Assassins. Maybe hint at his loneliness, his weariness from all these years of struggle and that he seeks solemnity and peace now.
    Show that Ezio felt a distant kinship with Altair and searches for him out (Something which is hinted at in the last cutscene..in the library). I dunno...it felt..empty. Ezio just up and left for Masyaf and quickly lost himself in the Assassin-Templar war.

    The plot fell short IMO. The ending wasn't too great either...I was hoping that twit Desmond would die....but it seems I'll have to suffer him again in AC3 (The desmond missions felt like a crash course in "Desmond Personality 101")

    <LI> Altair segments: Wow...SO UNDERWHELMING....really disapointing. Nothing new in terms of gameplay but nothing as important from a narrative perspective. Really, I mean a man such as Altair and they showed some really meh moments from his life. Waste of development time.
    Show us how he re-united the Assassin, the challenges he faced in Mongolia, the way he re-organised the order, his family life, his international exploits....Nope...some idiotic feud with a guy who has daddy issues.

    In Short....the Game is an awesome AC game but the series needs some huge updates. The minor issues of AI and Stealth are now glaring, gaping holes. The new additions are mostly fluff and the Devs need to review the direction AC is heading in.

    All in all a great game.....as an AC fan a must buy...but for the others...rent it. 7/10.

    Apparently I had posted this in the wrong forum.
    But this is not where I had wished to post it. I wanted this in the Splinter Cell Off-Topic section...so if the mods would be kind enough and shift it there...
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    I agree with your "The Good" list wholeheartedly. And notably, I would add Stalkers to that list.

    But, I do like the Tombs/Lairs aspect. I think they are a great break from the normal game play.

    And the story, I thought it was much better than ACB. Though, I agree that the narrative lacked a truly strong driving force like AC1 or AC2.

    Anyways, sounds like you liked it, it's a good game. I did too.
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    Please post your Feedback in this Thread-

    AC Revelations: Singleplayer Game feedback. [Do Not Post Spoilers!]


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