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    I've got a question about language

    Well today i bought the game but i bought it in Russia so the language of the game is Russian.
    so i would like to ask if there any way to change the language to english ?
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    Just change steam language to english
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    If it's not steam version, registry may work.

    "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ubisoft\Might & Magic Heroes VI", there "language" of REG_DWORD, need to change from 419 (if I don's mistake, you'll see) to 409.
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    It is not steam version.
    the thing about the registry i didnt understand it to much could you explain it a bit more please.
    p.s thank you for your reply's and your help
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    To open registry (if you don't know how):
    how to
    for win 7 - same as for Vista.

    Then registry editor will open, and you'll see five keys:

    You need to choose "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" first, then "SOFTWARE", then "Ubisoft" and then click on "Might & Magic Heroes VI". You need to click not on the triangle here, like for the first 3 steps, but on the text.
    Next, in the right part of the window, you'll see some values. You need value named "language". Double click on it, and then type "409". Next, press enter, or click on "OK". That's all. This should work, but I'm not sure that Russian version has English in it as well.

    And... You are Russian, right? I can explain it in Russian, if it helps.
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    Thank you very much XD
    it worked perfect my game is on english now
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    how change language Russian to English in window 7 for FAR CRY MOTTO4 ...........REPLY SOON
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    i found H-L-Machine and found SOFTWARE but i cant finding ubisoft ://
    i inestaled game in Drive G not drive C what should i do for make it english?
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    Steam has a much easier way to switch languages and there's also a 35% discount on all HoMM6 items this weekend ^^.
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