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    RAF 46 Sqn was equipped with Hurricane Mk I and was deployed by carrier to Norway. Its mission was to provide air cover to the BEF and the fleet.

    There were some doubts if a Hurricane would be able to take off from a carrier, but all the pilots took off thanks to the carrier crew that managed to increase its speed a few knots over its designed maximun speed

    The planes landed at Bardufoss, where they shared the base with Gladiators from RAF 263 Sqn

    Within a few days on Norway, and after a couple of patrols, the Luftwaffe decided to pay a visit to the expeditionary RAF base

    Despite the Hurricanes interception, Bardufoss was heavily bombed...

    However, this didn't prevented the Hurricanes and Gladiators to keep providing cover...

    ...for the different landings along the Norwegian coast...

    ... which was in need, given the large number of raids on the expedionary fleet...

    The attacks were heavy and the toll in ships, material, men and planes was too high. Despite the succesfull landings in Narvik, the order was given to retreat. The ships become even more important, as they were the only way out of Norway.
    The first steep was to move the ships deep inside the fjords, were torpedo-laden He-111 would not be able to hit them.
    However, a new menace was added to the British Expedionary Force:

    The Stukas were easy prey for the Hurricanes, even more because the Bf-109 fighter were deployed too far south, beyond their range to reach the Theater of Operations. However, by the overwhelming difference on the numbers, the Stukas were able to hit several ships and force large groups of troops to move by land to where the ships were re-deployed, beyond the stukas range...

    But they were still within range of Bf-110, based in Herdla airbase

    which created havoc among the retreting troops

    ... until the RAF 46 Hurricanes showed up over the fjord

    Dogfights erupted over the troop columns...

    The leader is under attack!!!

    Its dependable wingman is fast to intercept...

    ...and scores some hit to force the Bf-110 to break.

    Despite the efforts of the troops, the fleet and the expeditionary RAF detachment, the evacuation order was given. The order was to burn the planes and evacuate the personal by boat. But the pilots, knowing that Norway was lost, that France would be lost soon, knew that every single plane would be needed to defend the next target: The United Kingdom.

    Without having an arrestor hook, without having carrier training, but having proved that they were capable to beat the most overwhelming odds, they flew their Hurricanes towards the carrier and attempted a landing.

    Would YOU have what it takes to be a RAF 46 Sqn Pilot?
    Would YOU be able to fly desperate missions under desperate circumstances?
    Would YOU be able to evacuate your plane to the carrier, even without an arrestor hook?

    You'll be able to find it out, by flying 'Hurricanes Over Norway'. An Historical Campaign by Mariskal

    Coming Soon.

    Hurricane Skin credit: Serval_1Java
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    Looksing good!
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    Looking forward to it. Thanks.
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    Another realistic marvel from M.....gonna be great. He's a master of research and converting it to this sim.
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    Looking good, thx for the update.

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    Can't wait to try it.
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    Glad to see my campaign is getting the interest of you, my fellow campaign/missions builders.

    The weekend is here and I'll be working on the briefings and the tracks. I need 4 to 6 tracks for a proper history line. I contacted a skinner that might provide custom skins for the campaign, so think of the screenies as 'preliminary'.

    I hope to send this to the beta testers by the end of the month.
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    Great looking campaign, Great story, Great screenies.

    skins would improve the look as you have mentioned. A Herdla 110 Skin, and a skin for your Hurri MkI's that have been defiled by the bug in the MAT Manger that treats the MkI as an axis aircraft thus placing the same roundel all over the aircraft.

    This would be first on my list to get for Hurri Campaign. As in alot of the Pacific campaigns, the Hurri doesn't quite compare with it's adversaries the way it does to the 110 and the Stuka. Looks like fun.

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    A Herdla Bf110 is among the things I added over the weekend. Java_Serval has offered to produce a RAF 46 Sqn skin pack, so each Hurri will have its own skin , based on a couple of historical pictures plus profiles I've found in the web. There is a Blenheim one and a Fw-200 as well. I might add a He-111, if I find one that I like.

    Also, the campaign has 5 tracks (I still might add another one) and currently stands at 14 missions. All the briefings (V1.0) are done. Dunkelgrun will check the spelling when I do the final beta tester release.

    I'm playing with the idea of adding two more missions, that I've found no historical records of them, but that are plausible. Besides, one of them would be perfect to implement a special mission that will 'confuse' the player

    I like discovering FMB new tricks
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