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    I seem to be having trouble Defending this den I only have the standard stuff plus the Calthrop dropper the Flame barricade the Gun barricade and the brute. I can make it to when the big cannon comes in but with the ooverflow of guys and it I can not manage to get it down before it wipes me out
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    Don't know the answer but......if you just want to skip the den defending fights, when Ezio steps out onto the rooftop and it finishes saving just abort the mission. You will return to the den and all you have to do is hunt down and kill the captain and the den once again belongs to the assassins.
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    Den Defense seems to be a bit flawed -- you don't have time to set up your defenses between rounds and the war machines are really overpowered. Usually I try to avoid these by keeping notoriety low.
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    Thanks guys I was just trying to get the 3 den defenses then read that all you have to do is get all dens to masters then you get the challenges but thanks again all
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