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    I am posting this because it may be the case. Few TRK's I made all ended up good and I have a hope that they will work on your machines too. In past whenever one made a TRK it wasn't sure that it will work on other people's machines.

    Even if time acceleration/decceleration isn't used, track somehow gets desynced.


    I even get a little stutter on TRK, and I wonder if someone can verify if TRK (I posted link) above works. It works on my machine. NRTK (made out of that TRK) also supplied in the same pack.
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    No problems both tracks TRK and NTRK playback OK
    Four Japanese planes ended up in the water.

    4xAA 4xAF


    Average FPS=40

    Nice low level turning fight.
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    Holdon till tomorrow and I will try and upload a new Ostfront track TRK and NTRK.
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